bradygirl_12 (bradygirl_12) wrote,

My rage runneth over

You know, the more I think about this reboot, the rage increases! I stopped caring about canon eons ago, but this...this...the 'new emphasis' for Superman takes the CORE ESSENCE of the character and twists it. The GENIUS of his origin is being despoiled! *shakes fist at DC*

Bruce's core essence remains the same, Clark's is completely changed, and Diana? She's always messed with by DC, so that's nothing new.

*scatters rose petals at the feet of the Goddess of Fanfic*

How ironic is it that Smallville is now more true to the character's essence than the new canon will be in the fall?

Oh, well, what can I expect from a company when, back in the '80s, when a writer asked Editorial if he could write Barbara as shot in The Killing Joke, the reply was, "Sure, cripple the bitch."
Tags: *screw the dcnu*, barbara gordon, batgirl, batman, bruce wayne, canon? what is this canon you speak of?, clark kent, dc comics, diana prince, ranty mcrant, smallville, superman, trinity, wonder woman
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