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The 'New' Superman?

Wow, I just read over on Newsarama the changes planned for Superman in the reboot here.

I'll discuss my opinions behind a cut, because

It sounds like they're rebooting the character all the way back to the 1930s in tone. Not that I don't mind a New Deal-type Superman (I loved that about him!) but I'm NOT thrilled by BOTH Martha and Jonathan already dead when he begins his career. I've always felt that their support was crucial as he began his career. I know that in a lot of eras he's had to go it alone, but I've always preferred BOTH parents in his life.

He can't even fly (shades of Smallville) but does the 'leaps over tall buildings in a single bound' thing. That's the Earth-2 Superman right there (before they killed HIM off, too, back in the day!)

The end of the Clois marriage? Since I'm not a huge Clois fan, that doesn't bother me much, but it's going to take some getting used to for Clois fans, that's for sure.

This emphasis on Clark's 'alienness' is a turn-off. The appeal of Superman has always been his humanity for me, how he grew up among us and learned to care about us despite our considerable flaws. He cares enough to be our champion and protector against threats we can't handle. His connection to humanity makes him the DCU's Greatest Hero, IMO.

Once again Kara is screwed. She just started having a likeable personality and now will probably be back to Square One, post-Crisis. *rolls eyes* I shudder to think what kind of costume she'll have!

And this stuff about the dawning of the Age of Superheroes met with fear and distrust by the public? I know that some of that is inevitable, but, cripes, it sounds like the Marvel Universe! I've always liked the fact that DC didn't seem quite as paranoid about their heroes as Marvel's citizens did.

And don't tell me, DC, that all this 'brooding Superman' crap isn't because of the new movie. The WB execs saw the box office for The Dark Knight and concluded that a darker Superman was a better Superman. *rages*

Meh, this reboot will either fly or crash, and they'll reboot again in a few years, so as I've always done since they destroyed my comics universe years ago, it's fanfic for me, baby! ;)

Y'know, DC and Marvel REALLY oughtta hire people to do focus groups and all that, since they always seem to come up with stuff everyone DOESN'T want. What are these guys smokin' in the bullpen, anyway?

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