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Ah ha! *lightbulb goes off overhead*


I had hit a terrible snag in the final arc of Rainbow's Freedom, trying to figure out how the heck I was going to be able to get Clark to announce himself as Superman, considering the Hunt Decree and little details like that, ahem, but I think I've got the solution! *whew*

Oh, man, the helpthesouth fic is flowing like water over rocks! Once the logjam was loosened, it was all easy! Much angst and love and hurt/comfort in this one, folks!

Is everyone enjoying their summer so far? It was dreadfully hot here today and yesterday but I drank lots of water so I stayed hydrated.

Oh, I saw Cars 2 this week! Omigoddess! It is the CUTEST movie EVAH!!! It was cute and funny and a joy to watch, and there was a Toy Story 'toon short before the main feature. Aww, I love how the toys really care about each other! :)

Tags: fanfic, movies, rainbow’s freedom, summer, toy story, writing
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