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Ficcish Update

Well, what’s up with me ficcish-wise? ;)

I’ve been taking a semi-hiatus from Rainbow’s Freedom, as I’m bogging down in the final arc. Now I might just step away for a complete hiatus the rest of the summer and be refreshed and ready for the fall. I can’t believe that I’ll be entering the homestretch of the final arc, though. *mind-boggled*

A lot of my word count will be off-the-grid for awhile, as the Big Bangs will take up a lot of my writing time. I’ve finished the first draft of the smallvillebbang and need to get the final word count once I’ve finished typing up all the chapters. I may do some shorter pieces for awhile before starting the superbat_bb or the history_bigbang.

I hope to have the final prompt fill for my By-The-Sea Fic Prompt Request up soon!

And I’ll finally be able to get to my entry for the 2011 DCU Fic/Art Steve/Diana Challenge! Most of my writing seems to be Clark/Bruce lately. Not much Steve/Diana, so I’ll have to get busy on that! ;) Does some romantic fluff sound good to you?

I finally started my helpthesouth fic yesterday! I was really stuck on how to go about it when the logjam finally broke. *relieved*

I may also finally get that X-Men: First Class fic written down! It’s Charles/Erik, of course! ;)

The smallvillebbang counts for my Halloween Challenge this year, but I may have a short piece that I’ll be entering. I’m going to be looking over last year’s Challenge and see if there’s anything else I can add to the prompts. Are you ready for Halloween soon? *evil cackle*

Y’see, never worry about fallow periods in your writing. I was at the very valley floor earlier this year, and now I’ve got ideas up the wazoo! Don’t despair, my friends. You’ll climb your way out like I did.

If you’re really, really stuck, take prompts! It sure helped me. :)

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