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Historical Big Bang!!!

Hi, luvs! I just became aware of this Big Bang (sign-ups for writers ends on July 15, so this is VERY short notice!) but I thought I'd pimp this, anyway, and maybe someone on my flist would like to sign up. Artists get a longer window as the usual problem exists: lots of writers but very few artists.

This Historical Big Bang is for fannish and original fic.

Am I considering signing up? I'll think about it for the next two days.


1) I LOVE history and writing period details!

2) The schedule is good and gives you plenty of time to do this, especially as the holidays are smack in the middle of the timeframe.

3) I have a plot that could make the 10,000-word minimum.


1) I already have two Big Bangs on my plate.

2) I don't want to burn out on Big Bangs.

3) I don't want my fannish writing to become stressful, and 3 Big Bangs could become just that.

So I'll let you know what I decide after I make a decision one way or the other! :)

Historical Big Bang
This historical big bang covers a variety of fandoms and a variety of histories, be it fantasy or reality. If a show is set with a "historical" theme or set in history, this big bang is for you. If you want to write a crossover or a historical flashback, this big bang is for you. The sky is the limit.

Basic Information & Deadlines
Writer's Sign Up
Artist's Sign Up
Beta's Sign Up
Cheerleader's Sign Up
Frequently Asked Questions
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