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Definitive Ficcish To-Do List (I Hope!) ;)

Hi, gang! Well, I’ve decided to borrow a page from saavikam77’s book and write out a complete list of what I have hanging around here to do for writing. I doubt I’ll even get a third of this done by the end of the year, so if I have some specific goals, I’ll note them with the item.

The first thing is that my professional novel takes top priority. I took a week off after completing the first draft, and next week intend to start the revisions, so it’ll be slower going on the fanfic, FYI.

First, I do have 31 stories in my notebooks in various stages: WIPs, first drafts that need revising/typing, and Stories That Will Never See The Light Of Day, LOL! At least 2 of the 31 are in that latter category. The rest? I’ll probably get at least half posted in the foreseeable future, though I’m not betting on by the end of 2011. Fandoms include DC Comics, Battlestar Galactica: TOS, Emergency!, Public Enemies, and Star Wars, so there’s quite a mix there.

Rainbow’s Freedom is still in various stages. Arc 7 is now completed and posted, and Arc 8 needs revision/typing. Arc 9 is still a WIP.

My 2011 Summer-By-The-Sea Fic Prompt Request is coming along nicely. Out of 8 prompts, 2 have been posted, 4 have been written and 2 of those are typed, 1 is being written and 1 is still just an idea.

My dcu_freeforall tables: I’m really disappointed that it’s taken me this long to complete them. I’m at a loss to figure out why, since I have story ideas for just about every remaining prompt (7 more). I do know that the Steve/Diana prompts are a matter of LONG stories, 1 of which stalled and the other which will be a definitive work, I hope. So I am really going to try and make some headway on that table and the Bruce/Dick table by the end of the year. Thank goodness I finished the Clark/Bruce table awhile ago! ;)

I want to write a story for my 2011 DCU Fic/Art Steve/Diana Challenge, which will be cross-posted to my 2011 Wonder Woman Love Fic/Art 70th Anniversary Celebration Challenge. With the twistings and turnings DC is putting her through, Diana needs all the love she can get!

I finished a pattern for the clexmas 2011 Spring, Summer, Autumn Fling! Bingo Card. If I fill any more patterns, it’ll probably be multiple prompts for a single story.

I’m several chapters along on my smallvillebbang. :)

I plan to sign up for the superbat_bb when it opens in July. *facepalms*

I’m still working on the idea for my helpthesouth story. Good thing patrese1 is a patient sweetie! :)

I’ll see if I have the time and energy to request fic prompts for my LJ Anniversary when fall arrives. :)

Finally, the Smallville Big Bang will be entered into my Halloween Challenge, so unless I come up with shorter pieces, that’s taken care of!

The only Challenge I’m definitely hosting the rest of the year is the DC Halloween Challenge. I’ll see what energy I have left for anything for the Winter Holidays, and in what fandoms.

BTW, I’ll be making a formal announcement soon, but the Halloween Challenge will be extended to November 30th this year in case people want to use Halloween themes for the Clark/Bruce Big Bang. Besides, it’ll give people more time to get those Halloween fanworks in for the Challenge itself! ;)

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