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Notes on Rainbow's Freedom

Well, now the Project K arc is finished and Arc 8 is next. I still don’t have a permanent title for that (tentative title is Rainbow Prisms), but I will after reading through the arc and gathering up skeins of plot to tie off as much as possible in Arc 9. There will probably be some things unresolved, as not everything gets tied up neatly in a bow, but the major plotlines will see resolution. And, of course, there will be other stories to tell after Rainbow’s Freedom. :)

So, now the biggest Secret of all has spilled out. What’s next to come? More on the Aboltionist Movement as they’ve really gotten a boost from the Caldwell trial, Clark and Bruce trying to adjust to yet another change in their relationship, and Dick starting to reach adolescence. Kara will be around, and Diana and her men will play important parts in the coming events, just as the Arrows will, and all the new heroes that have popped up in the last arc.

Good think I broke the final arc into two. I’m up to Chapter 32 for Arc 9 and still going!

I'll be taking my usual hiatus now that I have finished posting Arc 7, and hope to begin posting Arc 8 sometime in August. Got lots of Big Bang projects to work on in between! ;)

Hope you’ll all come along for the ride! ;)

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