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Grand Time In The Old Town Today!

The parade for the Boston Bruins was spectacular! The weather was gorgeous, and the crowds were estimated to be close to a million. The Boston Police said it was the biggest parade our City of Champions has had yet. It was a sea of black-and-gold! The players rode in duckboats (used on the Charles River for tours but able to convert into vehicles for the streets) and the Stanley Cup took center stage. Lots of kids and families and no problems despite the huge crowds. If you're interested in seeing pix, sites like has some, and the major newspapers like the Globe and the Herald. Probably, too (sports talk radio).

Tomorrow the Bruins will be honored at Fenway Park before the Red Sox game. All the four major teams honor each other's achievements, and all four coaches currently coaching are championship coaches. Bruins coach Claude Julien said that the other coaches had sent him encouraging messages during the playoffs.

It was New England's seventh championship parade in ten years. Not bad, eh? ;)
Tags: bill belichick, boston bruins, boston celtics, boston red sox, fenway park, massachusetts, new england patriots
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