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“Dominion” (Smallville 10.19) (April 29, 2011)

"Dominion" (Smallville) (Season 10) (Episode 19) (April 29, 2011)

Wow, Clark and Ollie doing the gladiator bit! I liked it. ;)

Are there any icons out there with the boys in their cute little gladiator skirts? ;)

Cool to see the Phantom Zone and Zod again. Great villain! And Clark and Ollie worked him like pros.

Anybody else thought it was slashy that Zod wanted a ‘brother-in-arms’ to rule by his side? And once he knew Clark wouldn’t come his way, he chose Ollie? Who he had brought to him in chains? Just sayin’. ;)

I liked the Lois/Tess scenes. I could definitely see the two couples for fanfic purposes as Clark/Ollie and Lois/Tess. I enjoyed the Clois scenes (can’t wait to see THAT wedding!) but the slasher in me enjoys the same-sex pairings.

*waves hand* Let me guess: anyone NOT guess that Ollie would leap into the beam with Clark to go to the Zone?

I find it sad that Ollie has been marked by Darkseid. It wasn’t his fault but now he knows he carries that danger within him. I really wished that he had told Clark in that scene in Watchtower, but this is SV, after all! Still, it made it tough for him when Clark said anyone infected had to be locked up.

They advertised the finale through this episode and I can’t help but be struck by Clark’s tone of voice when he says, “Lex”, that hopeful tone that always carries that joy deep, deep down, even though he knows Lex is lost to him.

Lois never giving up and Ollie’s loyalty were nice touches to this episode.

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