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The Stanley Cup Comes Back To Boston!!!


The Boston Bruins took home the Stanley Cup after 39 years! Whoo hoo! *dances*

The fireworks went off last night after the win. The city of Boston had thousands of people in the streets, and only six arrests for minor disturbances.

The Bruins came out and scored first, then second, then third (Bergeron sliding into the net!) and fourth (empty net goal). They fought hard and they're coming back home to a parade on Saturday, where they will ride the duckboats through the city with that beautiful, gorgeous Cup shining its silver glory.

There is nothing quite like that pure, unalloyed moment in which you know your team has won it all. We've enjoyed 7 championships here in the last 10 years: the Patriots in '01, '02, and '03; the Red Sox in '04 and '07, the Celtics in '08, and now the Bruins. The Bruins won three Game 7s in this playoffs, and were only the third team in history to win a Game 7 ON THE ROAD!

I woke up this morning with a big smile on my face. It's glorious to savor in this championship. Bobby Orr and the Big, Bad Bruins will always be legends in this town, but now there are new legends wearing the black-and-gold. The Bruins wanted to join the 21st century pantheon of winners here in the city, and they did it! They wanted duckboat rides, too. ;)

What a sight to see our 6'9" defenseman lift that Cup over his head, and for Tim Thomas to get the Conn Smythe MVP Trophy and lift the Cup, too.

Weird facts: the last time there was a lunar eclipse was October of 2004, the night the Red Sox won the World Series. Also, the last time a tornado went through Springfield, the Bruins won the Stanley Cup in 1972. *cue Twilight Zone music*

Every major sports team has won a championship in the last ten years. Never been done before!

This team has HAAAAAHT! (translated from New England accent: heart). ;)

Cue up Queen's "We Are The Champions!!!"
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