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Big, Bad Bruins!

The town is gripped by Stanley Cup fever! The Bruins had a FANTASTIC game Monday night, beating the Vancouver Canucks 8-1! One of the Boston players was badly injured and had to be carted off on a stretcher, but Nathan Horton can move his arms and legs but has a severe concussion, and will be out of the playoffs. The guy who gave him the head shot, Aaron Rome, is suspended for the series. Good!

They just scored again! They're up 3-0!

Man, how fantastic would it be for the Stanley Cup to come back to Boston? The Bruins haven't been in the Finals since 1991, and haven't won a Cup since 1972, the days of Bobby Orr and the Big, Bad Bruins.

Bobby is at the Garden tonight, and waved the jersey of Nathan Horton in the pre-game ceremonies.

This is hockey country in the U.S. The 1980 U.S. Olympic hockey team was made up mostly of guys from Massachusetts and Minnesota. During the Bobby Orr days, kids played hockey on frozen ponds all over New England (still do) and college hockey gets a lot of attention here.

The Stanley Cup is the most beautiful of all the trophies. It gets its own white-gloved escort when the NHL brings it to the building with the potential clinching game. :)

If the Bruins pull this off, every major Boston sports team will have won a championship in the 21st century!

Good times, good times. ;)
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