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Fic: They Killed Another Kennedy! (1/6)

Title: They Killed Another Kennedy! (1/6)
Author: BradyGirl
Pairings/Characters: Steve/Diana, RFK, JFK
Category: Drama
Rating: (this chapter): NC-17
Warnings: None
Spoilers: None
General Summary: In June of 1968, Steve and Diana struggle with violence in-country and back home.
Summary: Wonder Woman reunites with Steve in Saigon.
Date Of Completion: July 30, 2007
Date Of Posting: August 4, 2007
Disclaimer: I don’t own ‘em, DC does, more’s the pity.
Word Count: 1231
Feedback welcome and appreciated.
Author’s Note: jen_in_japan  requested "Steve/Diana in Vietnam, sometime in the mid-to-late ‘60s" from my DCU GSB Fic Request Meme.  All chapters can be found here.





(June 3, 1968)


Steve walked down the streets of Saigon, his uniform shirt sticking to his back as the heat shimmered and danced in the crowded city.  He pushed the stray strands of blond hair off his forehead, cursing the heat.  He fervently wished that he was back home.


He was just about to slip into the entrance of the Rex Hotel when a voice called, “Steve!”


His heart jumped and he turned with a huge smile on his face. “Angel!”


Wonder Woman ran down the street, attracting attention in her star-spangled costume.  She leaped into Steve’s welcoming arms, the kiss deep and just what Steve needed.


“Mmm, Angel, good to see you,” he murmured when they finally came up for air.  Some of the locals were frowning while others were smiling and pointing excitedly to the Amazon.


“Always glad to see you, Colonel.”


He grinned and said, “Let’s get inside.”


The lobby of the Rex Hotel was faded but still showed the style that had made it a premier hotel in the 1950s.  The American war correspondents hung out here, and Steve enjoyed their jaded company.


He was feeling jaded himself a lot lately.


Steve’s arm was around Wonder Woman’s shoulders while she had an arm around his waist.  His heart thumped as he gloried in her closeness.  A ceiling fan lazily whirled high above them, pushing the humid air around.


“Upstairs?” he whispered as he nuzzled her ear.


She tightened her hold. “Lead on.”


Smiling, they rode up on the ancient elevator, an old-fashioned contraption that probably dated from the 19th century.  Steve’s room was shabby but clean, and he shut the door behind them, his blue eyes sparkling with happiness as he kissed his lover.


Need both drove them on, both expert at disrobing the other, and they tumbled on the narrow bed, Diana nude except for her bracelets and Steve with nothing on but his medal on the chain around his neck. 


They were both sheened in sweat before they had even done anything, but neither minded as they kissed, licked, and caressed each other, eager for loving after their time apart.  Steve nuzzled his lover’s breasts, and she stroked his hair and gasped softly as his mouth began sucking on a nipple.  Her moist skin was soft to the touch, tasting salty-sweet and utterly Amazonian.  His fingers curled in her silky, dark hair. 


Her hand strayed down to his stomach, tickling his warm skin, then slipped down to his cock, its fullness pleasing her as she began stroking him.  He moaned in response, slipping over onto his back, and she rolled on top of him, rubbing up against his groin with a heat of her own.  Her hair spilled over her breasts as she knelt, eyes avid as she teased his cock, then slowly lowered herself onto it.


Steve clutched her thighs, unworried about hurting her, a perk of lovemaking with one of the strongest women in the world.  He smiled as she cooed, powerful thighs able to pump herself up and down, up and down, and he exploded with pleasure as she gave a little cry of her own…


Perfect reunion, he thought as he spiraled down.


& & & & & &


They ate dinner in the hotel dining room, Steve aware of the admiring looks thrown Wonder Woman’s way.  He was proud to be seen with her, but his romance with the Princess of the Amazons was far more than just physical pleasure.


“So how long will you be here?” she asked.


“Another month or so.  I’ve got the assignment of observation and that includes going on some flying missions.”


Wonder Woman seemed to be enjoying the spicy Vietnamese food.  She ate a shrimp and waved the tiny fork. “I’m glad it won’t be too long.”


“Me, too.” He grinned as he sipped his wine. “I’ve got a meeting with Bobby Kennedy when I get back.”


“Really?” Interest sparked her eyes. “What about?”


“He wants some military advice.  Of course I can’t tell him any details about my mission, but general observations are fine.”


Steve’s memory slipped back to another meeting with another Kennedy years ago…


& & & & & &


“Welcome, Major Trevor.” JFK smiled and indicated the sofa while he took a seat in his customary rocking chair. “Now, what are your observations about the situation in Vietnam?” He smoothed the thick, brown hair from his forehead, blue eyes intent on Steve.


“Well, sir, you did ask for honesty.”


“I did.” The President rocked gently back and forth. 


“Sir, from what I’ve seen, the corruption is endemic in South Vietnam.  The people are not particularly fond of us being there, and they despise Diem, whom we are backing as president and who is more of a dictator.  I think there are similarities to Korea: getting stuck in a land war in Asia which will bog us down for years; it may look like a Communist insurgency but it’s also a civil war; at best we might end up with a draw because conventional victory is going to be very, very difficult.”


The President continued his rocking, his expression neutral, then he said, “So you would advise withdrawal?”


“Mr. President, you asked me for my opinion.  I’ve seen war and this looks like one that would drain us and leave us vulnerable in so many other areas.”


A slight smile crossed JFK’s face. “I can tell you, Major, that your assessment of the situation is similar to those of others whom I’ve sent to that troubled land. These are men whose opinions I trust, and I know your own credentials.  You have served your country since you were a very young man, and you’ve also fought by Wonder Woman’s side.”


“Yes, sir.”


“I’m assessing the situation myself.  There are many factors to take in, of course, and I may have to ultimately chart another course, but don’t be surprised if I ultimately agree with you and my other advisers.” His rocking grew a little faster. “I’ll be accused of selling out or turning tail if I decide to withdraw, but of course I have to do what’s right for the country.”  


Thrilled, Steve merely nodded and said, “Yes, sir.”


Relaxing, JFK asked, “How is the Princess?”


Steve grinned. “She’s wonderful, sir.”


The President laughed. “I imagine so.  She’s quite special.”


Steve nodded. “Very special, Mr. President.” His voice grew soft. “I’m lucky to have her.”


JFK smiled and rocked back and forth.


& & & & & &


“So will you be one of RFK’s Kitchen Cabinet?” Her tone was amused.


Steve laughed. “If he’s looking for a kitchen presence from me, he’d better be ready for burnt food.”


Wonder Woman’s eyes sparkled. “Now, Steve, you’re not a bad cook.  Your mother gave you lessons.”


“She’s the best cook there is.”


Wonder Woman laughed, then said, “I wanted to help you celebrate your promotion.”


“Thanks.” Steve sipped his wine, hiding the ambivalence in his tone, or at least he hoped so.


“You certainly deserve it.”


“Well, Angel, a lot of guys do good work.”


“I know.  I just think your work is exemplary.”


He had to chuckle at that.  Warmth spread through him as he recognized her pride in his accomplishment.


“No mission tonight, I hope?”


“Nope, none.”


Her eyes sparkled. “Good.”


Steve smiled, ordering another bottle of French wine.  




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