bradygirl_12 (bradygirl_12) wrote,

Big Bang!

So, with my first Big Bang sign-up and possibly more on the horizon, I thought I'd toss this question out:

If you were to host a Big Bang, what fandom/pairing/subject would you choose? And even if there is one already out there (Smallville, Supernatural, femslash, BDSM, etc.), if it's something you would like to host, name it!

I host Challenges all the time, but a BB is a bit more work! ;) So, theoretically speaking, I would probably host a Slavefic Big Bang (Yes, I know, there's probably one out there, but this is just me daydreaming, LOL) and would have to decide whether or not to limit it to one fandom, like DC, or make it multi-fandom. Or also include original works. But the theme would carry the word count.

What would be the word count? I'd probably offer 10,000 to start, and maybe up the ante if the first one was successful. Anyway, with all this talk of Big Bangs, I started my What-Ifs? ;)

How about you?
Tags: big bang, fanfic, question, writing
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