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Happy Birthday, Tom! (Patriots' Training Camp, The World's Finest, And Me)

Luckily I attended training camp last night instead of this morning. This morning’s work-out was cut short because of the horrendous heat, and sitting on those metal bleachers would have been a tad uncomfortable.

Today is Tom Brady’s birthday!  In honor of that, I’ll be saying a few words about him in my observational report, but first, the World’s Finest:


Why are Clark, Dick, and Bruce in this report?  Because I’m addicted in equal parts to the Tom and the Patriots and the World’s Finest!  ;)


Sitting on the bleachers eating my First Down Frank (it was so good the first time I had one I just had to get another!) and watching warm-ups, I thought how Clark loved playing football in Smallville, and was a darned good quarterback.  Each of the three could easily play quarterback, as they’re smart and athletically-gifted.


Other positions?  I think that Dick would make an excellent wide receiver (ahem) because of his grace and elusiveness and ability to go up high to catch the football.


Clark (without powers) would make an outstanding running back.  He’s big, fearless, and can be shifty enough to juke other players out of their cleats. 


Bruce would be a Grade-A linebacker: he’d always be scheming to defend, could play any position within the linebacking corps and would be the field general out there (always in control, our Bat).  He’s big and strong and quick and could flatten opposing running backs or wide receivers.


Training camp was a blast.  It wasn’t as hot as I’d expected it would be, and I got a good seat.  I brought binoculars this time and stalked Tom.  ;)  He actually looked at me once as he wasn’t too far away.  I waved.  J 


He was all gorgeous and golden, as in golden highlights in his brown hair and his tanned skin a sweat-glimmering sheen.  Was I watching him closely?  Yeah!  J


But I observed him at times when things got slow, and between plays out on the field.  I paid attention to the drills and situational football, which had a cool element added: loud music which I thought might have been ordered up by Coach Bill Belichick to simulate dome condtions, but it could have been for the Revs’ game in the stadium (the New England Revolution, the MLS soccer team owned by the Patriots’ owners, the Kraft family).


The practice was great, seeing Tom and other gorgeous specimens of manhood (heh heh) and the extensive situational football was great to see!  There were 11-on-11 situations with game simulations.  So it was great as a football fan to watch, and when the session was over, fan favorite Tedy Bruschi, linebacker extraordinaire, came over to sign autographs along with the offensive linemen.


I plan to get Tedy Bruschi’s book today, which was released today (Never Give Up: My Stroke, My Recovery, And My Return To The NFL).  He is the first football player to ever return to playing football after such a serious medical condition.  He’s in perfect health now and playing a high level of football on the field.


So it’s been absolutely wonderful to see the boys in action, and like all Patriots’ fans, we’re hoping for a great season!  J           
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