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Rumors, Canon, And No More Clark

Hi, guys! The rumors swirling around DC's reboot are hilarious and mind-boggling, none more so than that by 2013 the Siegels get Lois, Clark, Krypton, and the 'S' symbol, and DC gets Superman, so no more of the former.

Okay, if that happens, it won't affect my writing personally. I know some people need canon to write, but think of it this way: you are lucky in this DC Comics fandom. If current continuity doesn't do it for you, choose the many that came before it! Try being a fan with only two hours of canon (a movie) or a few seasons of TV shows. Comics has over 70 years of canon! And besides, isn't fanfic a reinterpretation of canon as YOU see it?

There are fandoms out there that haven't had new canon in literally decades! And yet they're thriving! If everyone dumped a fandom because of no new canon, there wouldn't be much of fandom around in general.

Just a thought, because if the unthinkable happens (now we know why DC is re-designing the 'S' symbol) and Clark is split into two like Kirk by the transporter in The Enemy Within, the fandom could collapse with the exodus of a lot of people, or it could thrive if you choose to keep your own canon going. Remember all the fuss about Bruce being killed by Darkseid? A lot of wailing and gnashing of teeth and it turned out pretty good.

I can't dictate your Muses, but it'd be a damned shame if people left if that strange predicted scenario comes to pass. If I allowed canon to influence me too much I wouldn't be writing much of anything right now, to be honest. I don't often write gore and despair, you see. ;)

Anyway, if DC is smart (I know, I know!) they'll pay the Siegel and Schuster families and quit mucking around with the future of their flagship character. And I sympathize with the families, but what good is owning all those elements if you can't get Superman? Aren't you restricting your own future earnings by messing with the character so drastically? I know they don't trust DC (with good reason), but isn't it time for both sides to stop the crap and compromise? Jeez Louise, they're like the NFL players and owners haggling over billions and unable to come to an agreement! *rolls eyes*
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