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“Kent” (Smallville 10.17) (April 15, 2011)

Okay, I'll be posting reviews of the last four episodes before the Smallville finale as I view them. They're terribly late, but if you're curious about my thoughts, click on! ;)

"Kent" (Smallville) (Season 10) (Episode 17) (April 15, 2011)

So, a return to the dark alternate universe!

This AU is like a film noir, dark and shaded and evil lurking around every corner. It was fitting that it was filmed in dark tones.

Jonathan as a man hanging desperately onto his farm fits. He is a man whose heart and soul is tied to the land. Remember that famous line in Gone With The Wind about land being everything, that one should fight to hold onto it? Scarlett’s father spoke of it being in their Irish blood, and maybe Jonathan has some Irish on his mother’s side. My dad had an English surname and Irish blood from his mother, so sometimes names don’t tell the whole story. ;)

It bothered me that with this theme of land that Clark decided to sell the farm. It’s true that people can be home, but I’m of the belief that certain places and buildings are more than just bricks and mortar, one of the reasons I loathed the burning of Wayne Manor so much in Batman Begins. You can’t replace the patina of age, the feeling of walking where people hundreds of years did before you. If that feeling wasn't important, why did Bruce rebuild the Manor "brick-by-brick, just the way it was"?

When Red Sox fans visit Fenway Park (100 years old next year), you know that your parents and grandparents and great-grandparents trod the same floors and saw the Green Monster when you reach the top of the ramp. That counts for something. I guess it's why I'm a historical preservationist. People yammer about building a new Fenway Park but once it's built, they'll miss the old one and then it'll be too late.

I understand that practically, Lois and Clark on their salaries probably couldn’t handle an apartment in Metropolis and the upkeep of the farm, but if TPTB want it to dovetail as much as possible with the movies, the Kent farm must stay. And Martha will retire there. I’m aware that Smallville isn’t quite the haven in this Elseworld that it is in comics and ‘toonverses, but it’s the family farm, in the Kent family for generations. Clark has an obligation to honor that.

I do think he keeps the farm in the end, even though it’s never stated in the finale.

EDIT: Forgot to mention how sad it was that Ollie died in the dark AU, but I'm sure he died a hero, and it was awesome that AU!Lois helped Clark.

As for Ultraman, we see him with a chance of redemption. Granted, having that chance is very much a Clarkian thing, but I kind of like the notion of an irredeemable Superman whose pure evil chills to the bone. After all, how delicious is comics' Crime Syndicate of America? ;)

Interesting that Tess was tempted by Dark Clark. ;)

At least Jonathan in this AU has a chance for happiness again.

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