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Media West* Con 2011

Hi, gang! Back from the hinterlands of Michigan! Didja miss me? What, you didn't even know I was gone from LJ? ;)

Day 1 (Thursday, May 26, 2011)

The flight from Providence to Detroit went smoothly, but when I got off the plane I learned that my flight from Detroit to Lansing was cancelled! And very little hope for the other flights on standby, so a friend and I drove from Detroit to the Lansing airport (to drop off the rental car) and had to take the hotel shuttle to Causeway Bay Hotel. I drove, and since I have no sense of direction, it was a good thing my companion was the navigator! ;)

Got in safe and sound! khylara and I decorated our door with the theme: And The Oscar Goes To...Christian Bale! We had a red background for the red carpet, pix of not only Christian in his Oscar-winning role in The Fighter but other movies (including Public Enemies), popcorn boxes, gold stars, and Oscar statuettes. It looked really cool! :)

After decorating we went to dinner. I enjoyed cod, spicy French fries, tartar sauce, and coleslaw while khylara liked her chicken alfredo. We turned in early because neither of us had had much sleep the night before, though I did manage to read the pages she has written so far for her Public Enemies sequel to No More Doubts. Good stuff!

Day 2 (Friday, May 27, 2011)

Breakfast was blueberry pancakes and sausage links for the two of us, discussing our current writing projects, and I gave her a critique of what I’d read the night before.

Afterwards we registered for the con. It went quickly and smoothly, a pleasant surprise as that’s not always the case every year. The day was cold and rainy though not as stormy as it had been yesterday. There would be no sitting out in the courtyard with these temps!

I started things out with a panel on Medium and our disappointment in the finale, then continued on to Secret Agents & Slash, Kink, and Christian Bale. During the day I went to the Dealers’ Room, which had less dealers this year but more room to walk around. I bought two sparkly bracelets for myself and two for my sister, whose birthday was last Monday. :) I talked to Kathy Resch, an old friend, which is always fun because we can talk about everything under the sun. She was at the Kink panel, which meant all the usual suspects were there. ;)

I enjoyed a delicious dinner of a hamburger with ketchup, mustard, red onions, and pickles with a side order of spicy French fries. Yum! ;)

I switched between watching a rerun of Smallville and a new episode of Friday Night Lights before I went to see the slash videos. I had met up with Deb for Secret Agents & Slash and we sat together at the videos, which was experiencing technical difficulties. They were resolved and we saw some good stuff. In the multi-fandom vid the shot of Clark getting ready for the prom and Lex fixing his tie was used. Aww! Also one shot of Steve and Danny from Hawaii Five-0. I was surprised we saw no vids featuring this hot new couple. Ah, well. My favorite fandoms rarely get vids, but there are endless Supernaturals, The Professionals, and The Sentinel, all good shows that I don’t watch. ;)

You haven’t lived until you’ve watched a vid and a whole roomful of slash fans sing along to The Partridge Family’s I Think I Love You! ;)

Day 3 (Saturday, May 28, 2011)

Lots of panels today! I sat in on Canonically Gay vs. Slash, Hawaii Five-O (comparing old and new), LJ Prompting & Fic Fest Communities, Hurt/Comfort, and Worst Series Finales. The LJ one was the best. There were only four of us there but the energy was high and we had great fun discussing the subject. I mentioned how prompts had jumpstarted my Muses and also pimped smallvillebbang and clexmas. ;)

A bake sale was going on in the Party Suite for the benefit of the Susan G. Komen Foundation, so I bought peanut butter cookies and two cupcakes, one chocolate-frosted and the other HEAVENLY BUTTERCREAM!!!

I went back later to attend the Hawaii Five-0 Slash party, and we played Cop Toss (a poster of the four Five-0s was set on the floor and you tossed bamboo rings to score points) and enjoyed munchies and watched Steve/Danny slash vids. So I got see H 5-0 vids after all! ;)

I also went into the Art Auction earlier in the day and saw some gorgeous H 5-0 stuff, and a Smallville illustration that showed Lex tying Clark’s tie as the younger man got ready for the prom. Other scenes were included, and it was a really lovely piece.

I caught the repeat of the slash vids with khylara. So ended another day at the con! :)

Day 4 (Sunday, May 29, 2011)

The hotel restaurant was only serving the buffet for breakfast, but the price wasn’t bad and so khylara and I decided to stay. There were all kinds of goodies: mixed fruit, muffins, buttermilk biscuits, bacon, sausages, hash browns, and eggs.

More panels! I attended the one on Comic Con. I know that people say it’s a great experience, but it doesn’t sound like much fun standing in lines all day and camping out the day before just to get into a panel. It all sounds incredibly stressful. A pity.

The Comics Turned Into Movies panel was interesting. Thor was brought up, of course. ;)

When I went back to the room, I got a surprise! We had won Best Pop Culture Door in the Door Decoration Contest! Awesome blossom! ;)

The Smallville panel was fantastic, the best of the con! It was well-attended and everyone had an opinion, and there was a lot of energy. It was probably the panel I talked at the most. Most of the time I’m pretty quiet, but when I get passionate about something…! ;) Kathy and I sat together and had a great time.

After the panel I discussed more Smallville with a couple of friends outside in the courtyard and was able to fill in a comics newbie on the pieces of canon that they did use in the show. Deb came by and congratulated me on the win for the door decorations. :)

The Big Bang Theory was an okay panel but a little disappointing. I thought they strayed off-topic too much so eventually left.

Later, the Hawaii Five-0 panel about Steve and Danny’s Romance/Bromance was a godsend. During the panel there was a tornado warning, the sky very dark and the rain hard and heavy and the trees swaying. The chandelier in the conference room kept flickering, and I’ll admit that I was a little scared, but I figured there was plenty of help around if needed. Fans do tend to do their best when someone needs help, I’ve found. So it was a great way to keep my mind off the tornado warning until the all-clear was given by the end of the panel. It looked a lot better outside, with a hint of blue sky.

The panel itself was a lot of fun. Steve and Danny are a great new slash couple, and it’s a pretty hot new fandom.

After the panel I went to the hotel restaurant but it was an hour wait to get served due to the storm interfering with their computers, so I went next door and picked up a turkey club sandwich and went back to the room to heat up my leftover French fries from Friday and had a good supper while I watched TV. Afterwards khylara and I went down to the Art Auction. When I got bored with that I went room crawling and then up to the Con Suite to watch the last half of the Smallville finale.

I was watching it with people who hadn’t seen it before so it was interesting to see their reactions. Some liked the end very well while others were disappointed. I liked it. I thought the show did a good job.

Then it was back to the room and khylara and I took down the door decorations because I was going to be leaving early the next morning. We turned in around 1:00.

Day 5 (Monday, May 30, 2011)

I was up early and khylara saw me off in the lobby. Three other people were on the van with me and we talked on the way and when we sat around waiting for our connection to Detroit. Everything was a complete 180 of my previous travel: the flight was on time, and I even had a close gate when I arrived in Detroit. Usually they put you from one end of the airport to the other and you need the tram to make it in time. I had no one next to me on the flight to Providence so had plenty of room and the plane landed early. The limousine service arrived just as I reached the pick-up area outside. Perfect timing all the way!


Well, I call it the Quiet Con now. I’ll always miss the energy of its heyday, and we’ve discussed this in previous years: if the con doesn’t advertise its good features and makes some changes, it’ll die out soon. I’d miss it, but fandom is changing and that’s the way things go sometimes.

I did have a great time. I met old friends and made new ones, talked and talked, watched new vids, and laughed a lot. All in all, a success! :)

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