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"Finale" (Smallville 10.21/22) (May 13, 2011) *squees*

Omigoddess! I got the tape today from the wonderful, fabulous northern_star! Thanks SO MUCH, honey! *hugs you*

I just watched the finale! *squees*

I'll be watching the other four episodes I missed but couldn't wait any more to watch the finale!

"Finale" (Smallville) (Season 10) (Episodes 21/22) (May 13, 2011)

Okay, it wasn’t perfect, but it was pretty darned good! Considering that some other shows have had godawful finales (Quantum Leap, Xena: Warrior Princess, to name a few), this was GOOD!!!

Okay, where to start? I liked the back-and-forth of Lois and Clark about the wedding, which was more charming than exhausting, as Clana often was, and the wedding itself was beautiful. Poor Lois, thinking that Clark wasn’t going to show up!

I liked Clark bringing Ollie back from the Darkness, and the use of Gold Kryptonite to potentially erase Clark’s powers. The menace was pretty good, much better than the Doomsday confrontation, which was disappointing. True, this one was short, too, but special effects cost money! ;) How appropriate that Lionel turns out to host the great evil of Darkseid. That must have been AU!Lionel? He did look pretty old all of a sudden, though. Could have been the original who Darkseid brought back as a vessel.

Lex returns! I’m glad Tess got away from Mad Scientist Lionel. It would have been a major squick if they had succeeded in putting Tess’ heart into Lex. Bad enough he’s got Lionel’s now!

I was sad to see Tess’ end, but she did know the Light in the end. Maybe it couldn’t have ended any other way for her. Lex, in his own twisted way, was trying to save her. I wonder if Clark ever found out what happened to her?

Now, the confrontation between Clark and Lex was really, really good. Lex knows Clark inside and out, even analyzing the way Clark said Lex’s name right down to the nub. I am put out by Lex losing his memory, though. The appeal of SV Clark vs. Lex is the memories they share of their friendship long ago. However, it is a way to keep Clark safe. And, we have fanfic to keep us happy with Lex still with his memories if we wish! :)

Lex is truly an empty shell now. He doesn't even has his memories, just his madness. What a waste, as we did see a good man years ago.

And Clark truly does regret not being able to save Lex. That was a great scene between them.

I loved seeing Jonathan so prominent in this episode, and Martha being so upset over Clark selling the farm. He can’t turn his back on his past. I understand why SV thought they should do that, since Smallville hasn’t been the haven for Clark that it is in comics or ‘toon canon, but even so, selling the farm that’s been in the family for generations? Big mistake, IMO. I hope that he kept it in the end. I got a little teary-eyed over the scene at the farm and at the cemetery. A lot of it speaks to me about my life right now, so it kind of got to me.

Gotta admit, I thought Darkseid’s minions would have been made of sterner stuff. Green Arrow able to vanquish them with a few arrows? Granny Goodness was a pushover! ;)

I'm glad Chloe got a good ending. I wonder if she'll still disappear from history, but, then, SV often ignores its previous canon, so maybe she won't. ;) I just worried that she would meet a bad end (looks like Tess got that instead). I disliked her the previous few seasons but liked her again this season, so I'm happy.

The Suit! Wonderful how Jonathan was the one to give Clark the Suit! And things even ended well with the AI/Jor-El. :)

Nice nod to the series with the old scenes being played out in the Fortress. And at the beginning we saw a lot of old stuff. Can you believe how YOUNG they all were? They even looked and sounded like teens in the beginning! ;)

Ollie watching Clark at work was awesome! And Lois looking out the plane and seeing Clark! LOL! Great stuff! I love super-heroics and the plane was a nod to comics canon, in which Superman's first appearance is saving an airplane. Same for Superman Returns in which Clark rescues Lois in a plane.

The ending was perfect. We got to hear Perry ranting, Lex elected President, the younger Jimmy his boyish self, and Clark off to save the day! I think Lois looks cute in the glasses. The classic scene on top of The Daily Planet was perfect.

If you’re not a slash fan, skip the next several paragraphs:

Okay, slash fans: you can work around this if you stick to canon, though I wouldn’t get too bent out of shape about canon, considering that Smallville didn’t follow comics canon all the time and tended to ignore its own canon! So you can still write future!fic and just ignore the mindwipe. Maybe just write that Tess was unsuccessful. There are three ways to go with this:

1) Ignore it.

2) Have Lex mindwiped, but not understanding why he is so obsessed with Clark. Maybe he never gets his memory back, maybe he does. The UST is still there.

3) A fresh start. Clark gets to start over with Lex because he’s a blank slate. And maybe even have his murder of Tess be unsuccessful.

I liked the memories of Lex they showed. Many were of Clark, naturally! ;)

You can slash Clark with Ollie. We see Chloe with a child (Roy, Conner?). He could be her and Ollie’s biological child or an adopted child. She and Ollie could have divorced and he ended up with Dinah or Clark, and she’s raising the kid on her own or is remarried. We never saw Ollie or heard him mentioned by Chloe in those future scenes. And the child seemed hero-worshipful of Superman, not Green Arrow, which would be odd if Ollie was his father.

Either Lois or Clark nixed the wedding, so there’s your slash opening. I found it interesting that after seven years they were getting married. Even if you thought that they needed to adjust to Clark’s super-career and being The Daily Planet’s star reporters, maybe two years would have been the max. Seven? After being so close the first time? So slash fans can take that and run, figuring that the marriage wasn’t meant to be after all.

Hey, slash Clark with Bruce! ;)

I’ll do a post of the show overall soon but was satisfied with the finale. SV has given us clunkers in the past, but this wasn’t it. I didn’t love everything, but was very pleased with much of it. And as I’ve said, I’ve seen a lot worse. ;)

It’s been a long, fun-filled ten years! Go, Clark! ;)

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