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My RL decisions are still looming. I thought I could have some resolution by the end of the week but no. Maybe that's for the best, I don't know. Just more stress!

Fannishly, I'm bummed that I won't be able to see the Smallville finale tonight and will have to avoid spoilers as much as possible, but the fabulous northern_star is making the tape for me, so you'll get my reaction and reviews to boot when I get it from her! :) So OTOH I'm bummed at the end of the show and not being able to see it right away, and OTOH I'm thrilled to have such a wonderful friend helping me out. ;)

I'm also bummed that I'm going to lose all my extra icons by June 24th. *sobs* The special packages expire by then and I simply can't squeeze the extra out of my tight budget right now. :(

The Wonder Woman pilot was not picked up by NBC. I'm happy about that since it was simply awful (Wondy impaling a guard and killing him? In other news, moaning that she needed bigger breasts? That's not my Diana!), but bummed that yet again, we have nothing good out there about the Amazing Amazon.

I've been sick the last two days with an intestinal flu that has left me washed out. :(

Yikes, sorry for this bummer post! Sometime ya just need to vent, ya know?
Tags: diana prince, icons, lj, rl, smallville, tv, wonder woman
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