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2007 DCU Gold, Silver & Bronze (GSB) Fic Request Meme

I’m nervous! I’ve never requested fics to write before, so please be patient with me! :)

This Fic Request is now CLOSED as of September 5, 2007.  I probably will re-open it sometime in the future but want to finish the requests I have here first.  :)  Thank you for requesting and reading!

I’d like to do something a little different.  Ask me for:


Main Pairings/Characters: You know what pairings/characters I write!  J  If you’re new to the journal and are not sure, the links on my LJ will give you a picture.  I also enjoy writing femslash.


Choose an era: Golden Age (1938-1955)

                           Silver Age   (1956-1970)

                           Bronze Age (1971-1985)


Genre (Slash or Gen) : If you’d like a threesome, I’m fine with that!  ;)  You could also request one in a gen way, as the old World’s Finest comics featured Batman, Robin, and Superman. If you’re requesting Dick, please remember that in the Golden and Silver Ages he’s underage, so either the fic must be gen or he’s the charming young ward of Batman, who is canoodling with Superman or any other character from the era. J 


If you request a slash pairing and want to add a few additional characters as part of the story, (Superman/Batman with Robin, for example), please feel free!  And in the genfic (gen? gen?!), please request your main characters.  Go easy on me!  J


If someone has requested a pairing you like, feel free to request it yourself, too. 

The rating of the story will be up to me unless you specifically request one.

I don’t know how long any requests will be, either drabble, short story, or something longer, and I’m not sure when you’ll get to see it, as my Muses tend to get contrary, but I’ll do my best to fulfill all requests! 



Tags: 2007 dcu gsb fic request, bronze age, golden age, meme, silver age
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