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Poll: Summer Challenge?

Hi, luvs!

I may post this again later in June, but once that month rolls around, I usually do a Summer Challenge. This year I was thinking that it would not be necessarily summer-themed, though of course you can use that if you wish, but I was mulling over possibilities. For instance, maybe host a Steve/Diana Challenge for those who might like to try their hand at this pairing, or some odd theme, or whatever! :)

So I've given you three choices: the first is for people who don't think they would write or draw or create graphics and such during the summer, but would enjoy reading/viewing others' efforts, the second is for those who think they would enjoy participating in a summertime Challenge, and the third is for those who just want to get to the spooky stuff in the fall! This is just a little fishing expedition on my part because if the mood strikes me, I might give it a whirl, but last summer's participation was low, hence this poll.

Poll #1733865 Summer Challenge?

Interested In A Summer Challenge?

Yes! I don't want to be without Challenge goodness in the summertime!
I would probably take part if the Muses struck.
No, keep summer clear until it's time for the Halloween Challenge!
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