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So, the end of the saga!  

First, the deaths: putting the clothes on Dobby made me cry!




I felt teary over Fred, Remus, and Tonks, and a sense of horror as I realized Teddy was now an orphan.


Scared to death she'd kill off Hagrid so was happy to see he survived, the dear!


Severus: twisted and petty and brave and damaged, and deserving of what Harry will undoubtedly make sure: that he is honored, too.


I found the novel engaging though in need of an editor’s pruning as some of the middle chapters dragged.  The early and late chapters were excellent.


No surprise about Severus and his service to Dumbledore.  I’d suspected it and was glad to see it confirmed.


I was also hopeful of Draco perhaps joining the good guys due to his reluctance to carry out the cruel orders of Voldemort, but mainly he seemed unable to perform evil deeds but couldn’t quite move over to Harry’s side, either.  As the epilogue showed, they weren’t bitter enemies but neither were they best buds.


Was there an air of shabby gentility around Draco in the epilogue?  Could his family’s fortunes have waned since they had been Death Eaters? 


Interesting that both Narcissa and Lucius were not as interested in conquest when Draco was severely at risk.  Harry could have lied to Narcissa about Draco being alive back at Hogwarts but he had saved Draco so that helped him triumph in the long run.


Dumbledore showed flaws and vulnerabilities.  I liked the way that J.K. wrote him as nearly infallible when Harry was younger, but as Harry grew older he began to realize that Dumbledore wasn’t perfect, which of course is what we all discover about parents or adults as we grown older.


Harry’s courage as he faced Death was outstanding, as was his scene with Dumbledore in the afterlife.


Neville was fantastic!


Luna was marvelous as always. 


Ron and Hermione and all the Weasleys are wonderful characters.


The battle was well-written.

Kreacher!  And leading the house-elves in battle!


The epilogue: I was intrigued about finding out how the characters had fared, but it did seem a little trite to me.  I would have preferred it without the epilogue, I think.


All in all, I was satisfied with The Deathly Hallows. 


The entire series of books is well worth the enthusiasm they generate.  None of the books are perfect but they show imagination and skillful weaving of old myths and legends into modern storytelling.


Well done, J.K.!







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