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2011 Slavefic AU Fic Prompt Request (NOW CLOSED)

Whee! Thanks for all the great prompts, guys! I'm really getting inspired! I think I'll close this now because I've got enough prompts to keep me busy for quite a while. :)

Well, you all know I’ve been busy steadily working on my pro novel, and have been posting chapters of Rainbow’s Freedom pretty fast lately, but my other fannish Muses have been kinda limp, so I thought I’d do the prompt thing. :)

I’m going for what I call the Impressionist sketch sort of thing where I can just evoke a mood and a snapshot instead of a full story. These morsels could help me get my Muses going for upcoming projects like my help_japan fic. Blame my upsurge of RF writing/posting and me_ya_ri’s Harem ‘verse for my taste for slavefic right now. :)

The complete Master List is here.

So, if you’re interested in playing, take a look!

Something a little different this time around. I’ll be writing actual slavefic or mutually-consenting D/s in an AU setting, but you won’t know which one until I post! What I need from you is:

Pairing: Please choose characters/fandoms I’ve already written. I feel that I can do a better job with characters I do know that ones I don’t. DC Comics and non-DC fandoms that I’ve written are all eligible. Please remember that DC fandom includes movieverse and Smallville. :)

Master(or Mistress)/slave: Tell me which character is the Master (or Mistress) and which one is the slave. If it doesn’t matter to you, just write ‘No Preference’ in this line.

Your Prompt: ONE WORD prompts only, please. They fit the Impressionist style better. :)

My Prompts: I thought it would be fun to set up a table of prompts for you to choose in addition to the one that you give me. Please choose TWO prompts from the table below. I used free association for the list, just writing down what came to my mind. All prompts can be claimed by more than person, so I won’t be crossing out any of them on the table.

Here’s a handy-dandy template for you to use in your request:

Master(or Mistress)/slave:
Your Prompt:
My Prompts:

I reserve the right to close the prompts submission/claiming when they reach a number I think I can handle comfortably (one request per person). Hope you have as much fun prompting as I did putting this together! :)

1.Banquet 2.Bells 3.Book 4.Candle 5.Ceremony
6.Crown 7.Flowers 8.Flute 9.Fruit 10.Gift
11.Glory 12.Goblet 13.Gold 14.Gown 15.Jewels
16.Lyre 17.Palace 18.Perfume 19.Sandals 20.Sandalwood
21.Sea 22.Ship 23.Silk 24.Silver 25.Spices
26.Sweets 27.Sword 28.Tree 29.Victory 30.Wine

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