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My Harry Potter Odyssey (No Spoilers)

Well, I've surfaced from a week of reading Harry Potter! :) I'll be posting my thoughts on the book soon but this post is spoiler-free, don't worry. 

I haven’t posted anything in a week!  Usually I post fic, a chapter of a fic, ramblings, or blogthings.  So it was weird to be so quiet.  J


Listening to on-site reports from Patriots’ training camp.  They’ve opened today!  My sister and I are planning to go this weekend.  6,000 people showed up in the blistering heat to watch practice.  Shows how crazy we are about the boyz!  ;)


On Saturday, she and I went to the zoo.  We saw the cute newborn baby giraffe, saw the elephants, seals, flamingos, cheetah, penguins, bald eagles, and all kinds of animals.


Next we went to the locally-owned bookstore (not a chain) and I picked up my copy of Harry Potter while she browsed.  It’s a fairly new store and she hadn’t been in it before.  The people behind me in line were discussing HP and the woman said, “Are you still going to read it even though you know how it ends?” and I said, “Don’t say anything!” and they laughed.  J


My sister and I went to Vinny T’s and had a delicious Caesar salad and spaghetti and meatballs.  The interior of the restaurant is all marble and high ceilings and very light and airy.  The windows look out over the lake, and there were tables on the deck, but we opted for indoors because there were available tables and it was in the a.c., anyway.


That night I began reading Harry.  J


Sunday I cut the grass and read the newspaper and finally started reading Harry late in the day.  I kept checking my mail and the list but it was pretty quiet due to HP.


Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday were busy with chores, but I still managed to do a lot of reading, and I actually kept working steadily on Rainbow’s Freedom.  Otherwise my DCU Muses were pretty stalled, and only my Wild Wild West slash fic for the zine Sin & Salvation was coming along.


Thursday and Friday I had more of a chance to read and perhaps the Muses will start up again for the DCU!  It’s been an interesting journey with Harry.
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