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Well, as blackrosebard reminded me, there's no limits to posting in one day! :) But seriously, I don't do this on a regular basis, but for some reason today I feel the need for another post. Feel free to skip it if you like.

I weathered the LJ thing today, relieved that I'm backed up, and am anticipating Harry Potter. I'm just restless all of a sudden. I think Harry is coming at a good time for me as my Muses are stalled, or at least slowed down. I am on the cusp of writing but nothing will be posted soon that I can see.

I just love my DC characters so much, and a sprinkling in of Apollo/Starbuck and Jim/Artie! :) I love my beautiful Kryptonian with the heart of gold and my brooding Bat with his haughty Princeling ways and deep emotions (way down deep), and of course you know my love for my Little Bird, he of the bright laughter and grace, whose love of flying brings smiles to us all. :)

I love my women characters, too, the majestic and beautiful Diana and my feisty, redheaded Barbara and my sweet, Silver Age Kara who, along with the first two, were my feminine superhero role models growing up (the Scarlet Witch was over at Marvel). I also had a particular fondness for Dinah, one of the few who could pull off fishnets with panache, methinks. ;)

A big thank you to all who read and comment on my work. I've done the working-in-a-vacuum thing during the days of pre-Net, where you toil and sweat over writing and if you're lucky, you might get a LOC when the next issue comes out in a year, or a letter sent to you personally, or more likely nothing at all. Doesn't mean people don't like your stuff. I've had people come up to me at cons or discover who I am and say they loved my stuff! So the luv is out there, but sometimes authors don't get it. And believe me, without feedback I wouldn't post as quickly or as often as I do. I've done the vacuum thing, and I don't want to go back to it.

Oh, a word about archiving. Even though I rarely get feedback there, this latest thing with LJ has just reinforced my idea that archiving is important. If LJ disappeared tomorrow, I'd still have stories already on-line. If you're an author, please consider archiving to places like the Superman/Batman Archive and WWOMB and any other archives that are your particular fandom. Think of all the fics we wouldn't have today if authors from other fandoms pre-LJ hadn't archived their work!

'Night, all, and you'll see me whenever I take an HP break. :)
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