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Back-Up Taping

Hi, luvs! My sister taped last night's SV for me but the machine didn't click on so the episode wasn't taped. Now that's okay since it was only a rerun, but I want to have some back-up in case it happens with the remaining new episodes or her machine's on the fritz.

Would anyone be willing to let me know that they could tape the remaining episodes on a plain ol' VCR tape? It wouldn't have to be sent unless I miss an episode. And I'm afraid I might only get the first hour of the two-hour finale if my sis forgets to adjust the programming.

Anyway, please let me know! I might be spending too much time in Bruce's head, but backing up the back-up is something that would allow me to watch the remainder of the episodes even if late. Yes, I know it's old-fashioned, but with my dial-up, soundless computer I can't watch on-line, and other avenues are closed to me right now.

Thanks if you can help! :)
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