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Of Swans And Supermen

On one of my recent walks I was graced by swans gliding across the pond. Usually they like our end of the pond better but this time had ventured out to the middle. They always are a pair. A few days before, I had seen *two* pairs, and the local parish priest claimed to have seen seven swans a'swimming! They stand out amongst the Canada geese and mallard ducks.

Today was our first snowfall, and it looked very pretty indeed. Just a few inches but enough to put a powdery sugar on the scene.

Plans are shaping up for New Year's. I volunteered to make a simple dish for the gathering:

'Cool' Pasta Salad

Follow directions on the package of pasta (can be whole wheat pasta if you prefer).


A few hours before serving or going out to a party, add cut-up cucumber and black olive slices.

Add vinegar and oil.

Toss gently.

The cucumbers give it that 'cool' flavor, and it also smells like a summer garden! :) The black olives give it a slightly sharp taste counterpoint, but you can certainly just use the cucumbers for the overall 'cool' taste, and add other ingredients. This is a dish my mom always used to make. Other ingredients she used to use are shredded carrots, grape tomatoes, broccoli, and peapods. See what you like! :)

Fic Front: I should be able to post the first of four parts of a Superman/Batman New Year's Eve tale tonight that bubbled up in my mind yesterday. Don't you just love it when ideas just spring out of your head like Athena from Zeus? ;) I also did more thinking on the S/B 'chains' fic. Also had some frustration as my Clark/Lex piece I started ages ago became corrupted (those boys are already corrupt, but I'm talking about the file!) so I have to start over. Luckily I remember the basic smuttiness, er, romance. So hopefully that will see the light of day sometime in the New Year. I saw a Smallville rerun the other night of an earlier season when they actually *smiled* at each other and were friends and Clark was all frantic when Lex was hurt and he rushed over to the castle later to check him out and I realized how much I missed that. Sigh.

Oh, yeah, and to close: I had a dream about Tom Brady last night (no, not *that* kind of dream! I wish!) but it was amazingly rich and textured and I jotted down some of my quickly-fading memories. Probably triggered by playoff excitement for next week and the hellacious hit he took last week. Interesting how my subconscious seemed to pull together all the things I've read about him as other dreams involving friends and family can use personalities I know, and of course fictional characters give me plenty of leeway in Dreamland.

Happy New Year, my lovelies!
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