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LJ Back-Up Successful!

Whew! I've backed up my entries and migrated them over to and I'm going to see if I can archive my comments next.

LJ is stupid! They're going to lose a lot of money and usage by this little new purge.

I'm staying here as my comments are here, but it won't hurt to go over to the new sites if I have to because GJ has 2,000 icons for my free account, and IJ has 100! Beats piddly 15, eh? ;)

I f-locked GJ because the LJ-cuts didn't work when I transferred my entries over but that's fine as since the LJ-cuts worked on IJ, it'll mean that stuff will disappear if my LJ disappears over here! *sigh* So I'm good either way. I'll be updating both these back-up journals once a week.
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