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Ficcish Update

Hi, luvs!

I haven’t done a ficcish update in awhile, so here goes!

Lately I haven’t been writing a lot of new stuff except for Rainbow's Freedom. The first draft of the final arc is being written every day. RL stuff has been dragging me down. It sucks, frankly.

I did manage to finish and post my dark_fest fic, Diamond Roses. I've gotten good response on that one!

I have been working on your birthday fic, whipsy! The first draft is done and now I need to revise/type it. It’s nearly 8 handwritten pages long so it may take me awhile. ;)

You might begin to see some stories appearing with very old ‘Date Of Completion’ dates, which means first drafts. I’ve got a handful of stories from 2010 in my notebooks, and some from 2009. With a lack of new ideas, I might try and polish up some stuff that’s been sitting around.

Not that new ideas are completely gone. I have ideas for Emergency!, Battlestar Galactica, and DC, perhaps some Clark/Bruce. :) I just have to find the energy to write it. And I’ll be freshly-inspired to write my help_japan fic when the auction ends and I see who gets the final bid! :)
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