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Sparkling-Clean! :)

Ever get up and feel exhausted before you clean? Urgh!!

I think it's because like Sisyphus, that damned boulder is always going to roll down the hill. You're always going to have to do the same cleaning all over again next time!

Anyway, cleaning toilets has never been high on my list of enjoyable experiences. I have two bathrooms and while it's convenient, it means double the scrubbing! Ah, well. What do you do during these mind-numbing tasks?

Daydream, of course! :)

While battling the mold in the shower and cleaning the mirrors, my mind inevitably drifts to fics I'm working on. How do I get from Point A to Point B before the dramatic climactic scene in Rainbow's Freedom? Now that Clark has suffered public humiliation and homophobia as Superman in Announcement IV: First Contact, where does he go from here? Since I've been encouraged to write more Dick/Roy, is a nice domestic tranquillity fic a good follow-up to Hot Cinnamon?

Questions, questions! :)

Anyway, with the coming of Harry Potter this weekend and most of my ideas simmering on the stove instead of being written, I might be in a fic lull at the moment. Then again, I could snap off a whole string of fic before breakfast. One never knows! :)

I finished my third Steve/Diana fic (Bright-Gold) and am thrilled with the response, so that's a nice inspiration writing-wise.

I love a sparkling-clean house. I just have never been fond of doing the work to get to that point! LOL!
Tags: fanfic, writing
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