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"Scion" (Smallville 10.16) (March 4, 2011)

"Scion" (Smallville) (Season 10) (Episode 16) (March 4, 2011)

“Connor is the genetic love child of Clark Kent and Lex Luthor.”

Some good moments in this episode! It’ll never get old to contemplate that it’s canon that Clark and Lex have a child together.

The actor playing Connor really does look like Michael Rosenbaum with certain expressions. He seems like a nice enough kid, and I don’t buy that all the good in him is Clark, and all the bad is Lex, and Clark doesn’t buy it, either. He’s well aware of the darkness within him, too.

How many Clexers squeed at Clark’s speech about Lex being his friend and Lionel’s influence destroying him? That’s just the way I want it: Clark aware of the darkness in Lex (when he comes back) and also of the light buried deeply inside him. It’ll always give their future confrontations more shading than just Good vs. Evil. Like life, it won’t always be black-and-white.

People who’ve read my stuff before know that I consider Lex’s turning to the Dark Side to be part madness, fuelled by his own meteor rock psychosis finally kicking in, combined with his fear of what Kryptonians can do after his possession by Zod. A dangerous combination! Madness often excuses people’s behavior, but Lex made some dubious choices before he became a candidate for Belle Reve. But Lionel and his twisted influence definitely left a mark on Lex. Clark has mentioned this before, and it’s clear that while he knows that a person’s inner core is the last thing you fall back on, nurture is a strong factor. Lex was finally worn down by Lionel’s evil.

Tess was magnificent in this, as was Lois. I liked their little session in the Daily Planet’s copy room. Lois can be brilliant! She’s also tough as nails as we saw when Lionel was ready to kill her.

Nice to see Lois as the woman fought over instead of Lana, eh? ;)

Clark is a good mentor. He got off to a better start than Clark and Kon in the comics.

Tess was also great in her scenes with Lionel. And Lionel’s parting shot that she could fool Clark, but deep down, she knows she’s a Luthor could be true. This is a dark ‘verse, where betrayal and dark urges are routinely indulged. Who knows if Tess can resist temptation?

We know that Lionel can’t. Darkseid has found his agent on Earth.

Damnit, we have to wait until April 15th for the final episodes?!


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