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This is a semi-ranty Mcrant, heh heh, and half feeling sorry for myself. Just bummed over the lack of LJ notifications. My inbox is vewy, vewy qwiet! ;) If you've commented on older works, I don't know it because of the absence of the notifications. Just letting you know in case! If you want me to know you've commented on something I wrote eons ago, comment here and I'll reply. I shudder to think how many messages I'll get once the backlog clears! *facepalm*

I have no new writing ideas. I'm working on my dark_fest story and it's going slowly, but should be finished by the March 15th deadline. I'm mostly working on older stuff. I've got stories in my notebook that never saw the light of day last year, and some won't, but others are good enough to be posted with polishing. I'm just used to having new and old to work on, y'know?

I'm just in that mode of don't want to read, don't want to write, don't want to do this, don't want to do that. I'm all out-of-sorts!

I'm also bummed about my comms. I knew that guns_fedoras would have minimal traffic since Public Enemies is a very small fandom, and so is Emergency! fandom, at least here on LJ, so the lack of entries over on station_51 isn't surprising, just discouraging sometimes.

The biggest disappointment is wonderwomanlove. DC Comics may not be a mega-fandom, but it's thriving, and it's discouraging to see Diana get so little love compared to Clark and Bruce. I know they're far more popular, but the comm has been quiet for weeks now. I gave up on Diana-centric Challenges since they were always low in participation, but I couldn't let her 70th anniversary pass, so put up the current Challenge, but who knows about its success?

I feel like I've failed on all three comms. I've failed to get people's enthusiasm going or that I suck as a mod.

*melodramatic sigh* ;)

Now that I've whined (*laughs*), I'm just trying to get through this period of restlessness. I am in a fannish valley right now, though happily there has been some amazing stuff posted on my flist lately! I'll make a post of that soon for happy balancing! ;)

Don't mind me, I'm just grumpy today! Thanks for putting up with me! I'm very lucky to have such a great flist! *hugs* :)

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