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"Fortune"(Smallville 10.15) (February 25, 2011)

"Fortune" (Smallville) (Season 10) (Episode 15) (February 25, 2011)

Special champagne by Zatanna! Leave it to Zee to spice things up! ;)

Any episode with Ollie in drag can’t be all bad! ;)

That scene of him as a showgirl made the episode! Justin really does look pretty in this scene! And Fortune chooses him of all the girls to hit on. Pretty good. :)

Ollie is a convincing woman. He moves the right way, though he forgot himself some moments and moved more like a man. And they had to give him a fight scene to make sure his masculine bonafides were intact, but he was the one to come up with the idea, not Lois, so I doubt he’s too threatened by dressing up in feathers ‘n’ sequins. In the future he and Dick Grayson will have to compare notes, because it’s a sure bet that Bruce won’t be dressing up in drag!

Clark has the face and eyes for it, but he’s too broad-shouldered to really pull off something like this. Ollie’s more slender build is perfect. And Lois was gorgeous, too.

I did like Chloe’s reaction. Shock at first at seeing both her cousin and boyfriend as showgirls, then she got right down with it. Attagirl, Chloe! ;)

Lois showed her usual determination by going after her engagement ring, and Ollie was right with her trying to get it back. Aww, a green tux! I liked that, too. ;)

I’m not a big fan of drunken revelry and then not remembering the next morning, so the plot of this episode was kind of meh, but in addition to the showgirl scene, I liked Tess and Emil singing together. Out of all the men on the show, Tess actually has some chemistry with him. And I did like her being part of the wedding party. She needs friends.

Loved the Watchtower scene with everyone together and Clark and Ollie on tape discussing the ring in the bathroom. Somehow that struck me as slashy! ;)

And Chloe and Ollie married doesn’t bother me. He’ll never get together with Dinah in SV, so might as well be happy with Chloe. I notice she took a job in Star City. ;)

I did enjoy the throwaway line: “There’s a billionaire with high-tech toys, and a wondrous woman who’s gonna throw you for a loop.”

Clark admits to being lonely, and while it may sound rather denigrating about his JLA colleagues, I’d say it’s his subconscious telling him that the others don’t reach his level of power or inspiration, and he knows he needs others at his level.

One thing that irked me is Chloe meeting all these people and intimating that she was their guides or something. Why can’t she tell Clark more details about Bruce and Diana? And how did she find out that paranoid Bruce is Batman? Is there a Batman? Diana is probably still on Themyscira, so how did Chloe meet her? Is everyone going to be in proper costume before Clark?

Okay, maybe in SV ‘verse, you do need someone like Chloe to guide things along, since everyone screws up so royally, LOL!

This episode had good scenes but overall was not hilarious (except for the showgirl scene). However, it was pretty light in tone and we need that on this show, especially as things darken once again next week with the Kon storyline.

I can’t help but giggle every time I think of Lex and Clark’s combined DNA for that boy! ;)

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