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"And The Oscar Goes To..."


LOL! It's crazy but that's what being a fan is all about. I did put up the victory salute when his name was announced. *giggles*

He delivered a good speech. So often actors without a script...kinda painful to watch, like Franco and Hathaway. And they had a script!

Aww, Christian got all choked up. And I had to laugh that when he asked where Dicky was, Mr. Eklund shot right to his feet while brother Micky stayed in his seat. Just like the movie! One taking center stage and the other pretty quiet. :)

It would have sucked if he had won all those other awards and not gotten this one, but happily the stars aligned. :)

I could have bailed on the show after Christian won at 9:20, but I was curious to see how the awards went, so I did some writing and then just vegged on the couch for the rest of the evening. I did eat pasta with crushed red pepper sauce (yum!) and enjoyed most of the show, though, as usual, it dragged in spots.

Melissa Leo won for Best Supporting Actress and dropped the F-bomb! Heh! And an 'expert' on the red carpet before the show said that since she had taken out ads promoting her candidacy, she might have blown it. Imagine! Being frowned upon in Hollywood for self-promotion! Who woulda thunk it?

Some people have been saying that Kirk Douglas should not have been on-stage but it seems pretty inspirational to me. The guy's like 94 years old and coming back from a stroke and still able to deliver.

EDIT: svgurl mentioned RDJ and Jude Law presenting together. How could I forget them? They were genuinely amusing, and I'll be happily going to the theater to see the new Sherlock Holmes film this Christmas! :)

Christian may never get another Oscar nomination or statuette but he's won one, and he'll always be known as an Oscar winner.
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