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Fic: Private Dancer (3/3)

Title: Private Dancer (3/3)
Author: BradyGirl
Pairings/Characters: Bruce/Dick
Category: Romance
Rating (this chapter): NC-17
Warnings: None
Spoilers: None
Summary: Dick dances for Bruce alone.
Summary (this chapter): Gotham’s siren song works on her Guardians.
Date Of Completion: July 16, 2007
Date Of Posting: July 18, 2007
Disclaimer: I don’t own ‘em, DC does, more’s the pity.
Word Count: 1024
Feedback welcome and appreciated.
Author’s Note: All chapters can be found here. 





Silk rustled as the Guardians of Gotham slipped through the wind and over roofs, no words needed.


Batman considered the quiet, comfortable silence.  He and Robin glided as one, eyes alert as the stars twinkled overhead.  Stray bits of paper and other refuse skittered down the streets and alleys, very few people out in this neighborhood at this time of night.


If Batman didn’t know better, he could have sworn that Robin had the same flying ability as Superman.  His leaps and stretches between roofs and over the gritty tar paper were effortless, long legs as graceful as the ballet moves that Dick had performed earlier that day.  The ballet slippers were now pixie boots, the wristbands now gauntlets, and the tunic and shorts were as tight-fitting as the work-out clothes of daylight.  The long, yellow cape fluttered out behind him as gracefully as Robin moved.


Batman had his own grace up high in this air over the city he loved, but he knew that Robin had unparalleled grace.  The young man born to fly demonstrated it every time he shot out a grapple line and flew into the face of the wind, the joy written on his face. 


Robin performed a quick pirouette as he avoided some nails left on tarpaper, his feet flying over the roof and barely touching the ragged paper.  He danced to the next roof, then performed an exuberant somersault to the next one.  Batman shook his head in fond indulgence.


& & & & & &


The robbery was large-scale.  Six men were robbing a construction site of tools, copper tubing, and pre-cut wood, all of which could be easily dealt on the black market and set the hard-working construction company owner back a pretty penny.


Out of the starlit night, the Bat and his Robin flew down into the gang.  They mirrored each other’s actions, punching and scissor-kicking in choreographed unison.  Robin did a forward somersault, stunning one large combatant as he angled out into a flying kick.  The man went flying against the site trailer, sliding down to the dirt.


Batman knocked out two men in quick succession, then dodged a third who swung at him with a crowbar.  He kicked out and effectively disarmed the attacker and sent him sprawling.


Robin danced back and forth, dodging ham-handed efforts to bring him down, his legs moving and his body twisting as he grinned, frustrating the crooks even more.  Suddenly he spun twice, his fist blurring and taking down the remaining two of the gang.  Light sparkled off him as he performed the maneuver, and his yellow cape billowed out behind him as he slowed from the spin.


Nearby coils of rope aided them in tying up the robbers and a quick call to the police brought sirens to the construction site.  Batman flew off as Robin waited until the cruisers appeared, then he gave them a wave as he followed, the items the gang had been trying to steal stacked neatly next to them.  The officers grinned.  It was all the statement they needed.


& & & & & &


Up on the rooftop of an abandoned warehouse Robin flew onto the tarpaper, Batman already waiting.  Flowing with energy, Robin spun as he smiled, those sparkles of light forming a diadem of airy jewels around him, then he slowed, stretching muscles still burning with adrenaline.


Batman watched the dance, his own body moving without conscious thought as he approached his partner.


Long legs stretched up, first one, then the other, head moving as his arms reached for the sky, then the cape fluttered down to cover a body coming to rest…


…until Batman encircled his arms around Robin’s torso, his larger, darker cape swirling around them and they moved in a half-circle, Batman leading them behind an old chimney, the top half’s bricks broken off and forming a ragged shelter pointing to the sky.


Lips touched with urgency, bodies coming together as Robin bent one knee, then his arms came around Batman’s neck, gauntlets pushing down his pants as he shivered, the wind cooling his flesh.  Batman maneuvered him close to the edge of the roof, spreading the yellow cape on the brick and settling his partner on it while he freed his own cock, twisting around and grabbing Robin, sitting down against the short wall, strong arms lifting Robin slightly, and then aerialist-hardened legs bent and knees touched black silk, taut flesh hovering over hardened cock, a small tube of lubricant eased out of a belt pouch and a blinding smile setting his head spinning.   


The thin vapor trail of a jet arced silently overhead, its winking lights disappearing and appearing out from behind clouds as another police siren wailed far below.  A soft purring was the only sound on the rooftop as Robin lowered himself slowly onto Batman’s flesh, tiny cries rippling from two throats as heat was tight and muscles trembled, strength meeting strength, dancer’s legs strong and sure as Robin pumped himself up and down and Batman thrust up to meet him, hands locked onto arms as the dark head was thrown back, passion locked in his throat as he rode his lover up-and-down, wild with the joy of it, Romany blood singing with the urge to move as his face held no secrets, eyes masked but body speaking its lyrics, wind lifting his cape as if the wings of a bird, blood pounding together as fingers bruised his arms, Batman’s growl savage yet sweet, the sight of his beautiful young lover riding up and down his cock so incredibly hot that he melted into the heat of young flesh, thrusting up hard and hot and piercing Robin so sweetly that two voices cried out, soft yet savage, crimson/yellow sparkles of energy showering behind tightly-closed eyelids until a soft sigh is released and a body with the grace of a dying swan eases off, curling up on its mate.


Bruce breathed as his heart slowly returned to normal, his arms around Dick, two capes mingling and protecting against the night’s breezes.


His beautiful dancer danced for him alone.





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