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"Beacon" (Smallville 10.13) (February 11, 2011)

"Beacon" (Smallville) (Season 10) (Episode 13) (February 11, 2011)

Argh, Lex! I was resigned to your absence from the show and no more hints of Clex, and you drag me back in again!

Yes, Lex, I’m talking to YOU! You are ruthlessly cruel and cold and evil, ready to kill Martha (Lionel I don’t mind, heh heh), and yet you show vulnerability and Clark in the throes of Kryptonite pain is still trying to get through to you. Trying to convince you to drop your weapon, and telling you that “He didn’t have Tess but you do.” That at your most evil and vile Clark insists, “You’re not him.” You're not the realllll Lex! ;)

Is Lionel one of the all-time great villains or what? No matter what universe he’s from, he oozes evil. And this time around, he intends to back Lex (or so he says). He did seem to regret having Evil!Clark kill ‘his’ Lex. That’s what I love about Lionel. Evil through-and-through, but there are moments when even in his twisted way, he has regrets or actually seems to care.

Good scene between him and Tess in the editor’s office. She was clearly stunned, wary, and afraid, but she stood up to him.

Another good scene between him and Ollie in the LuthorCorp office. Nothing like twisting the knife about killing a guy's parents, huh, Lionel?

And how about that scene between Clark and Martha when neither spoke a word, but you could clearly see what they were communicating to each other just before Clark went in to save Lionel from the fire?

Is there some symbolism to the Mansion burning down, I wonder? As if the ties to Smallville are completely cut, except they never can be, not if a clone of Lex has his memories.

And, Clark, are you sure you want to send Lionel to the Phantom Zone? The guy could get a lot of tips there! ;)

So Lionel is still free to wreak havoc? And I wonder if this version has interest in Martha, as ‘our’ Lionel did? Didn’t seem like it.

Martha was kick-ass in this episode! The Red Queen rides again! ;)

Lovely scene between Martha and Lois in the farm’s kitchen, when Martha gives Lois the necklace that Jonathan’s mother had given her.

And Clark’s pride in his mother fighting for him was obvious as he watched her on TV. Getting shot is no surprise. That’s the American way, shoot your politicians if you disagree with them.

It was a powerful moment when Martha told Clark that she and Jonathan knew that they might have to give up their lives to protect him. That pact probably had been made in the kitchen one night after watching Baby Clark fall asleep, knowing that their precious little Starchild was going to need protection.

It was a joy to see Chloe as her old self. I never cared for cynical, bitter Chloe.
Despite it being risky, I couldn’t help but admire Ollie coming out in his hoodie to help Clark search for clues. “Your mother was standing up for me.”

I liked their scene in bed. Mmm, pretty! :)

And the website testimonials? Good stuff! As was Perry and his guerrilla Sixties days being Lois’ inspiration.

Clark can’t quite believe how important he is to people, which is refreshing.

And next week? The Apokaliptans makes their presence known again. Desaad? Not going to be a pleasant episode!

I did enjoy seeing Clark putting on glasses and trying to explain to Lois why. He has to get the nerdy haircut and clothes next! Never mind that it’s totally illogical, since all of Smallville and The Daily Planet has seen him without glasses, but whatever. It’s Smallville logic, right?

Cute that Martha assured Clark he’ll be handsome no matter what. :)

Apparently this bit of future knowledge is helpful to Clark to get him moving forward.

Finally, the end of this week’s episode. I can understand why Tess was going to kill Alexander. He’s losing his memories and will probably die a pretty grueling death. But then, the needle doesn’t penetrate his skin? Huh?

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