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Rainbows, Harry Potter, Tom Brady, and Me ;)

Well, I'm taking a breather from finishing uploading my last batch of chapters of "Rainbow's Freedom" over on the S/B Archive. Seventeen over three nights! :) It'll probably take me twice as long to upload for the second arc in the future as I'm up to Chapter 26 and counting. *rubs writing/typing hand and wrist*

I'm trying to get as much done as possible but it's been a crazy week. I have tons of chores piled on top of the usual chores, but I'm giving myself a treat by going to the zoo this Saturday with my sister. We're going to see the new baby giraffe they have! :)

I'm also going to try and pick up Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows on Sunday as it won't be released until 12:01 Saturday night, right? Too bad it wasn't Friday night. I could swing by and get it on the way back from the zoo.

Anyway, once it's in hand, I'll be cutting back a little on on-line time because it just demands to be read! :) It'll preview my autumn rhythm as once Labor Day hits, I'll be raking leaves a few weeks after that to the tune of 150 bags, and it's also football season! I'll be dividing my on-line time between All Things Football and LJ then instead of almost-exclusive LJ time.

Goddess, I can't wait for the season to start! My sis and I are going to try and catch a training camp session when it opens the weekend after this, and if Tom Brady isn't practicing we'll go back and try again! ;) Camp is always packed as hundreds of people attend each session. Parking and admission is free, food and drinks are not. Brady jerseys are the most popular, but there are plenty of other Patriots' jerseys, too.

Once training camp opens, football fans become super-active 'til February and the Super Bowl, especially if your team gets to the Big Dance! :) Arizona is the site for the Super Bowl in 2008.

Well, what would a little rambling be without a fic update? ;)

Hmm, let's see: I just posted the second part of the Bruce/Dick fic, "Private Dancer", and have a Wonder Woman fic I might start tonight. A lot of ideas are in the simmering stage right now, and I've learned not to push too much, to just let them bubble away, and eventually a tasty new dish is formed! That's how I finally was able to get the new "Announcement" installment done after weeks of trying to puzzle out how exactly the boys' first public encounters would go.

So that's it for now! :) 


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