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Rainbow's Freedom: Update To The Update!!! ;)

Well, darlings, guess what? I talked last night about my current state of Rainbow's Freedom, and realized after I'd logged off that it was time to split Arc 8 into two, and to also take Chapter 43 of Arc 8 and make it Chapter 1 of Arc 9, so I've updated the Main Index Page to reflect that. So, Arc 8's first draft is finished! Though I could change things again if the thought strikes me. ;)

I have finally been able to visualize the skeins of subplots and how to weave them together as the end approaches. So instead of taking a break from completing Arc 8, I'll keep writing Arc 9 until my Muses slow down and a break is warranted. In the meantime, enjoy the posting of Arc 7! :)
Tags: fanfic, project k arc, rainbow's freedom, writing
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