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Rainbow's Freedom Update

Well, friends, it seems that I’ve been truly gifted by the Muses on Rainbow’s Freedom.

A few musings on the current state of the Epic (Spoilers):

After last year, when I took a very long hiatus from writing RF, I thought that I was burning out and that my Muses were telling me that it was time to wrap things up, which puzzled me, as I still love this ‘verse very much.

Well, I decided to let things play out, and got myself started writing Arc 8, and now am able to post Arc 7, and have discovered that while I am in a general writing lull right now after the white-hot pace of the winter holidays, I’ve been going full-bore on RF. I’ve been writing pages and pages of the first draft of Arc 8 in my notebook, and haven’t written anything else but my Valentine stories. I’ve already gotten 43 chapters done.

The scary thing is, 43 chapters are barely scratching the surface! I’ll have to decide whether to break this arc into two or not as I go along. After the ending of Arc 7, things are moving along so rapidly that it’s hard to keep up! :)

Hal as Green Lantern will be learning the ropes of his new position, and of course we just had the debut of the Batwoman. Wonder Woman will be a focal point for the Abolitionist Movement in the near future, and there are secrets spilling out…which Bruce will have to keep contained. Will he be successful?

Lex’s new position on the Kryptonian Control Committee will find him discovering more secrets, and he’s on a parallel course with others who are putting two-and-two together.

Edmund’s trial will take up some chapters in Arc 7, and whether or not he’ll be convicted of his crime against the House of Wayne will provide some suspense. :)

For those who enjoyed seeing the cameos of Roy and Johnny from Emergency!, there will be more of them in Arc 8 (9 if I split it). They have their own pivotal role to play along with others from the DCU and maybe another fandom or two whose subplots will be weaving together even more.

Clark and Bruce’s relationship will be tested, but their bond is strong. And, to be honest, Clark took me in a direction I wasn’t even thinking of. He’s pretty opinionated when he wants to be! :)

Will Alfred ever allow Bruce to cook in his kitchen? Will Clark ever regain his memories? Will Dick be Veiled?

Stay tuned, same Bat-time, same Bat-channel! ;)

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