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Congrats To Packers Fans!!!

Congrats to Green Bay Packers fans! You guys deserve it. :)

I was rooting hard for you. I couldn't stomach the thought of arrogant Steelers fans yapping about another Lombardi trophy, and about Ben Roethlisberger being in the same class as Tom if he got three rings.

First off, Roethlisberger was never a Super Bowl MVP, and he's stunk it up in his Super Bowls.

Secondly, NO WAY is he in Tom's class OFF the field. Last I checked, Tom hasn't been accused of rape multiple times.

So, YES to the Packers! Enjoy!

And Tom was voted NFL MVP, getting all 50 votes, which is a first. Yes, a pity that he couldn't have been in the Super Bowl (and BB won Coach of the Year!), but such is life. Maybe next year (if there's football)!

What a mess behind the scenes in Dallas! Ice falling off the roof of the stadium injuring people, seats not available after people paid $800 per seat, cabs on strike, sheets of ice everywhere because Dallas didn't have salt to treat the streets or sidewalks...yeesh!
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