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Review: The Cape

I meant to get a review out earlier than this, but so it goes! Anyway, here’s my opinion of NBC’s new superhero show.

The series is set in the fictional Palm City, which looks like Florida, an odd choice for a city so corrupt that billionaire Peter Fleming proposes and wins the contract for replacing the police force with his own private security. He wins it after his forces kill Chess, who is revealed to be police detective Vince Faraday.

Except that Vince was framed.

Vince takes the fall, and his wife Dana and son Tripp think he’s dead, and he’s keeping it that way for now out of fear that Chess will kill them if he surfaces. He needs to prove Chess’ true identity: Peter Fleming.

Interesting twist here: while Batman was born from the loss of Bruce's family, the Cape is born in the effort to preserve Vince's.

Vince was supposedly killed in an explosion and is found by the Carnival of Crime, circus performers who live in an abandoned carnival. Max Mellini uses information that Vince gives him to clean out several banks, and a partnership is formed. Max offers the use of a special cape, its fabric able to stretch and be used as a weapon. He trains Vince in the art of disappearance and other circus tricks, and enhances his training in hand-to-hand combat. Vince decides to use the simple name Cape in honor of the comics superhero that his son admires. They used to read issues together, Vince using different voices for the characters.

It amused me that ‘Batman’ needs a circus full of performers to do the job that Dick Grayson did as Robin all by himself. ;) Vince also has a computer expert, Orwell (yep, Oracle), who blogs on Palm City’s corruption and has targeted Peter Fleming. Her name is unknown to him and the public (though we guess it during one episode). It appears that she is Fleming’s daughter (he doesn’t know that, either).

Other villains include Scales, a thug who smuggles for Chess but recently broke with him after the Cape revealed he was being double-crossed, and Dice, a woman who can see the future through her incredible powers of taking probability and figuring out events.

Very Batman Begins as the Cape visits Tripp on the fire escape of his apartment building, keeping his identity a secret, but I’m sure the kid will figure it out soon. A nice moment came in the last episode when after rejecting Dana’s offer to read the Cape comic to him, Tripp seeks her out and she reads it to him, but he asks her to lose the voices. She’s not so good with them! ;)

Will Dana move on? The prosecutor she works with in the Palm City D.A.’s office is reminiscent of the D.A. in Batman Begins. Also, the cop closest to Vince set him up to take the fall as Chess and is now Fleming’s Chief of Security. Dana has already gone to him once with possible evidence of Vince’s innocence. He quashed it, of course. This should prove interesting.

The Cape seems to have mystical properties. Max comes across as an old, broken-down carny who steals for a living, but flashbacks show that he believes Vince was destined to wear the Cape, and that’s why he offers it to him.

Free Counters
Free Counters

I recommend this series. Is it a Batman knock-off? Somewhat, but it does have its own vibes and situations. And let’s face it, Batman has been around for 72 years. He’s built up a lot of good will. The Cape might not even last 13 episodes. Big difference! So far each episode has kept me entertained, and I was pleasantly surprised that the high energy of the Pilot has carried over to the regular episodes, at least in these early stages. The show does a good job of paying homage to the superhero genre without unrelenting seriousness. That is, there’s elements of humor which keeps things from getting too dark. Superhero fans should at least give it a try!
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