bradygirl_12 (bradygirl_12) wrote,

Classic Fic Of The Month (February 2011)

Valentine’s Day Rules! :)

For our romantic tales, first up is the Johnny/Billie story, From Romania With Love, a ‘classic’ classic tale of Valentine’s Day love! :)

Next features the Gangster Trio of Mel/Johnny/Billie on the run but still appreciating each other despite all obstacles: Thorns ‘N’ Roses.

Finally, a Steve/Diana tale in which they face obstacles from both sides: Steve’s colleagues and Queen Hippolyta and the Amazons: "Us Against The World!"
Tags: "us against the world!", classic fic, dc comics, fanfic, from romania with love, holiday, johnny dillinger/billie frechette, melvin/johnny/billie, public enemies, steve trevor/diana prince, steve trevor/wonder woman, thorns 'n' roses, valentine's day, writing
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