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Fic: Rainbow’s Freedom (Project K Arc) (16/54)

Title: Rainbow’s Freedom (Project K Arc) (16/54)
Author: BradyGirl_12
Pairings/Characters: (this chapter): Hal/Steve/Diana, Zatanna
Series Notes: In the 23rd century, Earth is a technologically-advanced society that practices the ancient institution of slavery. New superheroes appear on the scene as the Abolitionist Movement gathers strength. Meanwhile, Lex gets his heart’s desire while long-held secrets begin to spill out of the Manor. Nothing will ever be the same again.
The entire series can be found here.
Genres: AU, Challenge, Drama, Slavefic
Challenge Category: Section E (Slavefic)
Rating: (this chapter): NC-17
Warnings: None
Spoilers: None
Summary: Hal’s Time has come.
Date Of Completion (First Draft): September 30, 2009
Date Of Posting: January 28, 2011
Disclaimer: I don’t own ‘em, DC does, more’s the pity.
Word Count: 1283
Feedback welcome and appreciated.
Author's Note: Written for my 2010 DCU Fic/Art Bondage Challenge.

"Where there is trouble in the Universe, you will find the Green Lantern Corps."

Solomon Gold
Meridian King
Andromeda Galaxy
2012 C.E.


"In Brightest Day..."

Wonder Woman’s Bracelets of Submission blurred in rapid-fire movements as Hal squeezed off several shots.

“Excellent, Princess!”

Diana laughed. Eyes sparkling, she relaxed her battle stance. “You are an excellent shot, my love.”

Warmed at her use of the endearment, Hal clicked on the safety and holstered his gun.

“Do your bracelets work with laser guns?”

“They do, but old-fashioned bullets are better for precision work.”

“Ah.” Hal’s brown eyes sparked with interest. “So the lasers, while faster, don’t offer you that precision?”

She shook her head. She sat down on a flat rock, breathing in the fresh air.

Diana and Hal were deep in the Central Massachusetts woods, away from heavily-populated areas. If anyone heard the shots, they would probably think it was hunters.

“Thank you for helping me practice.”

“My pleasure.” Hal leaned against a golden maple tree, crossing his arms. “Stevie sure was ticked to be called in for a meeting today.”

Diana laughed. “Truly! I have never heard my Beloved use such language.”

Hal grinned. “Believe me, my Stevie can swear with the best of ‘em when he has to.”

“Ah, yes. My sisters and I have used creative curses before.”

Hal could imagine the reasons why the Amazons would curse in their recent history. Suddenly uncomfortable, he scuffed the dirt with the toe of his sneaker.

”Hal.” Looking up, he saw Diana’s bright blue eyes. “I do not blame you and Steve.”

“We serve your enslavers.”

“Times will change.”

He took a deep breath and nodded.

Diana rose from the rock and put her arms around her pilot’s shoulders. “You and Steve have given me hope. You risked everything for me: your careers, your freedom…even your lives.” She leaned forward. “And while I am grateful, it is love I feel, not just gratitude.”

Their kiss was deep and passionate, Hal’s arms coming around her and pulling her closer. His body responded to her luscious curves and questing mouth, her strength pushing him up against the tree. She moaned, her breasts pressing close, his erection swelling between their bodies.

She fumbled at the waistband of his pants, nearly ripping them off as she freed his cock, wet and ready. With a gleam in her eyes, she avidly raked her gaze down his body, his back scraping against the bark of the tree. He pulled her star-spangled shorts off.

Strong thighs gripped him as she lowered herself onto his ready cock, Hal hissing with pleasure as her wet warmth engulfed him. He began to thrust up, she driving herself down, establishing a rhythm, and throwing her head back, moans ripped from her throat. She arched her back, a cry torn from her.

Hal’s limbs trembled as his blood sang. She was strong, beautiful…loving. He drove deeply into her, knowing that she could take it.

Her moans were music to his ears as he added some of his own. With one final thrust, he came deep within her.

She cried out in joy, eyes glittering as her head came down and her fingers dug into his shoulders, leaving bruises.

They slid down the trunk, settling into fallen leaves, gasping for breath.

“I love you,” Hal said softly, brushing back a lock of her dark hair from her eyes.

She smiled lazily, moving her hips, and he gasped as he was still inside her. “As I do you, my love.”

He eased out of her gently, kissing her breasts, and pulled up his pants. She demurely put herself back together, wrapping her legs around Hal’s waist.

“Thank you for your help with Bullets ‘N’ Bracelets.”

He laughed and kissed her.

& & & & & &

Hal rubbed his face tiredly. After Steve had come home, he’d been called in, and they both had been sent out here in the desert of New Mexico, trying to find evidence of a downed plane. It was grim work as they searched the assigned vector, using the state-of-the-art Apache helicopter.

“There!” Steve called over the sound of the helicopter blades.

Hal saw the wreckage in the same moment. He piloted the helicopter to land several yards away, powering down. He and Steve scrambled out. They approached the wreckage, scattered over the desert bordered by red rock formations.

Steve squatted next to a large pile of debris. He lightly touched a scrap with a gloved hand. “This looks…alien.”

Hal leaned over. “You’re right. Do you recognize the metal?”

“It’s Oan.”

Both men looked up, hands on their holsters.

“Madame Zee?” Steve gasped.

She smiled as she approached the pilots, star-and-moon-sprinkled skirt swirling in the wind. “Hello, gentlemen.”

“Hello.” Steve stood up, Hal at his shoulder. “What are you doing out here?”

“The pilot of this ship perished in the crash, sadly. I buried him over that rise.”

“I’m sorry to hear that,” Hal said. “You say he was Oan?” She nodded. “So the old tales are true?”

Zee nodded. “Quite true.” Her bracelets jangled as she pointed. “You, Hal Jordan, have been chosen.”

Hal blinked. “Wha…?”

“Your dreams were not dreams. You really underwent the Trials that the Guardians of Oa devised.”

Steve shifted so that he was in protective stance. “What do you mean? What Trials?”

“The Trials of a Green Lantern.”

“That’s crazy!” Hal exclaimed. “The Green Lantern Corps may be real, but I’m betting that they don’t give a crap about our Galaxy.”

“The winds of change are swirling, Hal. Parts of the Trinities have appeared here on Earth.”

“Trinities?” Steve asked.

Zee nodded, her gold hoop earrings swinging. “Your Trinity formed when you met Diana, Steve Trevor. You are the linchpin of your Trinity, the center. Hal is the other member.

“Diana centers the second Trinity: she as Wonder Woman, the Batman, and the Sal-Vor.”

“The Sal-Vor?” Steve’s eyes widened. “The Savior of Krypton?”

“Very good, Steve.” Zee nodded approvingly. “The Sal-Vor is out there, the last piece. But first, the Guardians believe it is time to assign a Green Lantern here in Sector 2814.”

Hal and Steve exchanged a look.

“Don’t you have to be special to be a Green Lantern?” Hal asked.

“Yes, and you are a special man, Hal Jordan.”

Steve smiled at Hal, squeezing his hand. “I can agree with that.” Hal blushed.

“It is your Time now, Hal Jordan.”

Zee bent down and pulled out an object from the wreckage. It was green and shaped like a lantern. She reached into the pocket of her skirt and produced a ring with the same symbol.

“These are yours. If you accept your Destiny, Hal Jordan, you must charge the Ring and begin your training.”

Zee held out the Ring and Lantern.

Hal stared at both items, Steve’s hand wrapped around his. He thought of the Trials that he had thought had been dreams, remembering how alive he had felt, wielding all that incredible power…what good he could do, fighting beside Diana’s side…and Steve’s.

“Are the Guardians interested in helping bring about the Day of Jubilee?”

“It is your Destiny.”

Hal looked at Steve, whose lips curved into a small smile as his eyes shone with love.

With a smile of his own, Hal squeezed his lover’s hand and stepped forward, taking the Ring and slipping it on his finger.

Zee held the Lantern out. “Recite with me as you charge it.”

Hal placed the Ring in the battery, green light beginning to glow, and followed as Zee chanted,

"In brightest day,
In blackest night,
No evil shall escape my sight.
Let those who worship evil’s might
Beware my power,
Green Lantern’s Light."

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