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Tom Brady Has Surgery

Tom's surgery went well. His fractured foot was operated on at Massachusetts General Hospital today. He's had the injury all year (it was listed on the injury report), so it's not an excuse for last Sunday's loss, since he tore up the league in the regular season with the fracture. Recuperation time is 4-5 months, staying off the foot, but he'll be ready for training camp. Needless to say, he won't be going to the Pro Bowl in Hawaii, but old buddy Matt Cassel of the Kansas City Chiefs will be going in his place. :)

Football players are crazy! They play with injuries that most people would stay home in bed with. Tom's had five major surgeries (shoulder, shoulder again, sports hernia, knee, foot) in his 11-year football career. Ouch!

Sports talk radio is good therapy for us Pats fans trying to shake off the bummer of a loss. I honestly don't know if I'll be watching any football this weekend. As for the Super Bowl, I'll be rooting for either Green Bay or Chicago instead of Pittsburgh or the (ugh) Jets. I'll be an NFC fan this year, baby! :)

Getting ready for more snow tomorrow. Looks like our mild winter of December is long gone!
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