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Dark_Fest Prompting Now Open!!!

After the sweetness 'n' light of winter holiday stories and the red-white-and-pink sugary goodness of Valentine's Day offerings, who's in the mood for fic with bite and taking a walk on the Dark Side?

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The multifandom fest for fanfiction with dark themes is open for prompt submission until January 28th. We're looking for prompts in any fandom that will give a writer a chance to tell a dark and twisted tale. This is a fest about difficult subject matter, moral ambiguities, unhappy endings, no win scenarios, secrets, lies and shames, psychological messes, a look into the void, bad deeds, bad thoughts, bad decisions, twists of the canon mood or themes, pure evil, or good intentions paving the road to hell.
Prompt claiming runs from January 29th - February 8th, with finished fics due by March 15th.
Dark Fest FAQ

This is a very cool fest that allows you to offer prompts without requiring you to sign up to fill any, but if you do, claiming includes not only others' prompts but your own as well, it that's your preference. Let's see if DC Comics (Smallville,movieverse, 'toonverse, etc.) and our other favorites get some love! Get those twisted brains working! ;)

Last year I wrote these two stories for the Fest:

Preening Peacock (Bruce/Dick) (DC Comics)

Sins Of The Heart (Mel/Johnny) (Public Enemies)
Tags: batman/robin, bruce wayne/dick grayson, dark_fest, dc comics, fanfic, fest, melvin purvis/johnny dillinger, pimp, preening peacock, public enemies, sins of the heart
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