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Fic: Rainbow’s Freedom (Project K Arc) (12/54)

Title: Rainbow’s Freedom (Project K Arc) (12/54)
Author: BradyGirl_12
Pairings/Characters: (this chapter): Hal/Steve/Diana, Dick
Series Notes: In the 23rd century, Earth is a technologically-advanced society that practices the ancient institution of slavery. New superheroes appear on the scene as the Abolitionist Movement gathers strength. Meanwhile, Lex gets his heart’s desire while long-held secrets begin to spill out of the Manor. Nothing will ever be the same again.
The entire series can be found here.
Genres: AU, Challenge, Drama, Slavefic
Challenge Category: Section E (Slavefic)
Rating: (this chapter): Mild ‘R’
Warnings: None
Spoilers: None
Summary: Diana absorbs the beauty of Wayne Manor and the gardens on a sparkling autumn morning.
Date Of Completion (First Draft): September 15, 2009
Date Of Posting: January 12, 2011
Disclaimer: I don’t own ‘em, DC does, more’s the pity.
Word Count: 954
Feedback welcome and appreciated.
Written for my 2010 DCU Fic/Art Bondage Challenge.

Like diamonds,
In sunlight’s

Emily Adams Cutler
"Yellow Roses And Other Poems"
1859 C.E.



Diana lay draped around Hal, Steve curled up around her. Both men were sound asleep.

Moonlight streamed in through the window, stars bright and twinkling in a cloudless sky.

She liked it here. The ocean made her think of home, as did the Manor itself. It was solid and dark and secretive, unlike her Palace with bright, sunny colors and open spaces, yet she recognized the solidity and regal grandeur.

She breathed in Hal’s scent, strong and spicy, just like him. His cockiness and confidence amused her, once he had gotten over his uncertainty as to his place within their ménage a trois.

Steve was just as strong, his sweetness a balm whenever she felt ragged or on edge. She probably would have been happy with a one-on-one relationship with him, his love and devotion soothing to her spirit, but Hal added so much, too. And Steve’s heart would have always been with Hal in addition to her.

Amazon tenets, derived from Aphrodite’s teachings, believed that love was to be shared. Exclusive relationships were fine as long as it pleased the couple, and in the Amazons’ case, that usually meant a woman-to-woman pairing. Yet if a couple wished to welcome others within their embrace, no one disapproved. It was considered healthy to refresh oneself. Jealous possessiveness was frowned upon.

Even as brothel slaves, she and her sisters were allowed to form love matches, even marrying according to Amazon law. It had amused their enslavers, who often took a couple and offered them together on the auction block.

Aphrodite certainly has a sense of humor. As an Amazon, I would be expected to love women. Then misfortune befell us, and I was forced to lay with men, who ill-used me.

And now my two soulmates are men.

She lightly brushed Hal’s chest, Steve’s warm arms around her.

She smiled.

& & & & & &

Morning sparkled as Diana strolled through the magnificent gardens, lightly touching the gold chrysanthemums bobbing as a strong breeze blew. The autumn air was crisp, the colors of the trees blazing in gold, orange, and scarlet. Birds sang in the trees (she recognized a robin’s birdsong), and dewdrops glittered like diamonds on the flowers and bushes, reflecting the sparkling ocean.

Her heart ached as she gazed out over the sea. What were her mother and sisters doing now on their new world? What were Mala, Medea, and Paula doing, all women she remembered fondly from the bedchamber?

She sighed, then turned as she heard a noise.

Her eyes widened as she saw Bruce’s young Squire somersaulting on the lawn. His grace and precision were as dazzling as any Amazon, sparkling like the morning dew.

Dick bounced and tumbled, whirling and dipping as he went through his routine, finally ending with a bow-and-flourish.

Diana clapped, Dick looking up with a smile. “Good morning, m’lady.”

“Good morning, Richard. Or may I call you Dick?”

“I would like that, m’lady.”

Diana smiled. “It is a beautiful morning. You suit it well.”

Dick beamed. To Diana, his smile was as bright as the sun. “Would you like a tour of the gardens?”

“Most definitely.”

Dick made an excellent guide, extolling the virtues of the meticulously-kept gardens. Diana was amused by his natural guide skills.

“So the gardens keep only native flowers.”

“Yes, m’lady.” Dick touched a yellow rose. “Master Bruce says that introducing exotic flowers would be dangerous. They have to be kept separate from the indigenous plants.”

“A wise idea. Too many eco-systems have been overrun by invasive species.”

“A metaphor for the Galaxy.”

Diana was surprised. “That’s a clever observation.” So the child had gravitas amidst the sparkle.

Dick looked up at her. “Sometimes aliens can make contributions to a planet’s culture, and the races mix well within the Empire, but we’ve seen in history that invasion destroys the indigenous cultures, or at least changes them to the point of being unrecognizable.”

“Ah, like the European settlers destroying American Indian culture?”

Dick nodded. “A lot of the settlers wanted to wipe out the Indians, though not all. Many tribes were destroyed but the survivors came close to assimilation, but managed to keep their culture alive.”

“Cultures do mix well here?”

“Very well. Most people came here because they wanted to and made it work.”

“They wanted freedom.”

Dick nodded. “Slaves aren’t the only ones oppressed in this world.”

Diana rested a hand on Dick’s shoulder. “Tell me about this North American custom of Halloween.”

Dick grinned. “It’s really cool! Kids and adults dress up and the kids go trick-or-treating.”


“Yeah, you go to houses and shout ‘Trick-or-treat!’ and get candy and other goodies.”

“And if you don’t get a treat?”

“You play a trick!”

Diana laughed. “Sounds like fun.”

“It is. Melody and Roy and I have our costumes all ready. Do you have yours ready?”

“Steve and Hal helped me pick out a costume.”

“You love them both, don’t you?”

Impressed by his powers of observation, she said simply, “I do.”

“That’s so cool!”

Diana chuckled as she ruffled the boy’s hair. Truly a charmer.

They stood silently by the seawall, watching the sun sparkle across the surface of the sea, the gulls screeching and wheeling as they searched for food. Diana put an arm around Dick’s shoulders.

Several minutes later, Dick said, “It’s time for breakfast.” He looked hopefully at Diana.

“Ah, then, we must return to the house then. We cannot miss one of Alfred’s fine breakfasts.”

Dick grinned and they walked toward the kitchen, the smell of bacon and eggs wafting to them on the morning breeze.

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