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"Icarus" (Smallville 10.11) (December 10, 2010)

"Icarus" (Smallville) (Season 10) (Episode 11) (December 10, 2010)

So concludes the first half of Season 10.

Not a bad cliffhanger. The Darkness is certainly coming. But you know what really struck me? That our world isn’t so different when I saw the airport-style security at The Daily Planet. It’s not only sad but frightening to see the way our world is going. Security is necessary, but at what price?

Is Cat really opening her eyes to what's going on, or is it all a trick? Hopefully the former.

Tess and Lois and Emil are cool customers under interrogation!

Sad to see Carter die, but he’s really been miserable without Shayera. And his bitter, cynical attitude is probably realistic for someone who’s lived thousands of years! Immortality isn’t meant for human psyches. The weight of loss is too great.

Now, we won’t ever know, but was Vandal Savage cruel and despotic before he began living hundreds of lives? Or did living thousands of years twist him into that type?

I was pleased to see Dinah in this episode, and with longer hair to more closely resemble her comics character. I would really like to see something develop between her and Ollie. He’s so sad and lonely! At least his AU self has AU!Lois.

Clark’s proposal to Lois was so cute. He had everything set up at that fancy restaurant! But he’s right that Lois never makes things easy. ;)

Slade Wilson seems completely consumed by Darkseid. He’s almost nothing like his comics character except for the eyepatch. Slade Wilson in the comics is an assassin, but he’s a planner and his motives are complex. I can’t say the same for this version.

Jeez, this Nazi-like world depressed me. The Bill of Rights was thrown right out the window, and, again, the RL parallels makes me even gloomier.

How symbolic was Clark shutting down Watchtower? *shivers*

Let’s hope that FINALLY we’ll see some light by the end of this series.

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