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Doin' The Janus Thing

Lookin' back and ahead! :)

Well, 2010 is almost done, so I’m evaluating the year’s Challenges and letting you know what’s up for next year.

It was a mixed bag this year. Some Challenges were very successful while others were disappointing. I’ll probably be looking things over this holiday season and deciding what to do for 2011. I may retire some Challenges due to low participation. For example, I may retire the Winter Holidays Challenge since it’s a busy time of year, anyway, with so many gift exchanges and such.

I’d say just about the only Challenges I am certain of offering next year will be the Valentine’s Day Challenge for DC Comics fandom, and Halloween Challenges for DC, Public Enemies, and Emergency! I like romantic schmoop and Halloween too much to give those up! :)

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Tags: challenge, dc comics, emergency!, halloween, public enemies, valentine's day, winter
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