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It was bone-cold here yesterday though warmed up some today. However, the Patriots are heading into the eye of the storm as they travel to Chicago for tomorrow's game (they must be there by now).

Expect some kind of crazy weather for the 4:15 game: snow, high winds, sleet, below-zero temps: all weather they've played in before at Foxboro. Not only was there the Ice Bowl in January of 2004 (temps ten below zero with wind chill which I attended, whoo hoo!), but a major snowstorm hit in December during one of their Super Bowl years, because they clinched the division against the Dolphins that day. Tedy Bruschi made an interception and waltzed into the end zone. Fans threw snow up to the cadence of Gary Glitter's Rock 'N' Roll Part 2! :) Fans were sitting on snowbanks in Gillette Stadium. They had to dig out their own seats. Many couldn't get into the parking lots or out of their own driveways that day! If you're looking for more football drama, tune in later today! Tom and the boys go up against Da Bears! :)

Hope my flisters are safe in the Midwest! Stay warm!
Tags: gillette stadium, new england patriots, snow, tom brady, winter
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