bradygirl_12 (bradygirl_12) wrote,

BradyGirl's Very Frustrating Day

Okay, true story: I was out grocery shopping this morning. I go to the register that's the quick check-out. The register malfunctions. We all have to go to other registers. Second one malfunctions. *sigh*

Next store: I get in line. First register on the blink. Go to second line. Guess what?

I kid you not!

And I'm not one of those people who seem to frack up machines when I get near them. :) I was ready to chew neutronium by the time I got home.

But that's not all!

I find an extra 300 bucks charged on my credit card. Why? Because I'd cancelled a reservation a full week ahead but they charged me for four nights' occupancy, anyway. Grr!! This after they'd assured me there would be no fee! Not only is this credit card charge not just the first night as some kind of fee, but four nights! I guess a ghost must have checked in and used my room. Can you believe these people?

I call to get them to take it off and I'm informed only the manager can do it. Fine. May I speak to him/her? He's not in 'til 7:00. He'll call you. Yeah, right.

By 7:45 I call. He's still not in. He's supposed to call at 8:30. We'll see. I have to get off-line to get the call. I'll give him 15 minutes, then call again.

Because of incompetence, I have to spend money on calls that are long-distance. I am inconvenienced and stressed when I sure as frack don't need it. I've worked customer service. I know how crappy patrons/customers can be, but I'm fed up today. Grr!!

Update as of 8:58 P.M.: So I call a few minutes ago, as naturally the manager didn't call me. Now I'm told he'll be in in 15 minutes! Talk about the runaround! So I told them I'll call in 15 minutes. I intend to keep calling until I get this jerk if it takes all night. If the hotel keeps dodging me, I'll simply call the credit card company and put it into dispute, as I can't seem to get hold of anyone who can help me!

Update as of 9:42 P.M.: Miracle of miracles, I get the manager! Who was brusque and impatient the entire time. Who chastised me for not having my confirmation number for the cancellation! Okay, I'm willing to take the blame for not having it handy (Goddess knows where it is) but I was upset that this guy tried to make me feel guilty about this mess! I was listed as a 'No Show'. I think he went ahead and cancelled the charge because I said that on the same statement, I had the other hotel that I went to on the sheet. You see, for the con, one gets a room from the waiting list at Holiday Inn South and cancels the other outlying hotels. It's done on a routine basis for this con in this area.

Lesson learned: have an envelope for credit card-related documents from now on, including cancellation numbers, never book at this hotel again, and check tomorrow to see if the credit card company received a notice. If it's still on the next statement I'll put it in dispute. End of story.

Such is RL today. Bleah.
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